Unbottle your tea!!Time to bag it up….

Unbottle your tea!!

Unbottle your tea!!

I got an email from Salada Tea today, trying to sell an interview with one of their spokespeople about their new “Unbottle Your Tea” campaign…about how it’s better for you healthwise and better for the environment if you stop buying bottled teas, and start making your own.

Hey, I grew up making a pitcher of iced tea a day…. no supper in ‘bama was complete without a big pitcher of iced tea on the table.  That was always someone’s chore for dinner…making the tea and filling the glasses with ice. And while we didn’t realize we were being green, (we called it being thrifty) it was also my or my sister’s  job to trudge out to the vegetable garden to throw the tea grounds into it…composting even in childhood. And let’s face it…making your own tea, is honestly dirt cheap, where buying a bottle(or really big bottle) is anything but. A bottle of tea costs at least a buck….and quite often more. Buy a box of 20 tea bags for…oh, let’s say $3.00…you can have a cup of hot tea(or add ice in the summer ) , and your tea now costs about 15 cents a serving. Big difference.

My tea makings...I love white tea, and I reuse the cups....

My tea makings...I love white tea, and I reuse the cups....

And think of all the containers you won’t have to recycle( I don’t even want to thinkabout you putting them in the trash, because I won’t like you anymore). And Salada says you get 90 % more antioxidants in tea you make yourself from a tea bag….Prevention Magazine did a test(here’s the link to an interesting article)…and while you do get antioxidants from bottled teas and even powered teas…you get the biggest amounts from tea bags brewed the old-fashioned way in hot water. So bag it up, tea-lovers….and make your own, get healthy and save some coin.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Donna,

    I to was raised on home brew tea at home. I still make a gallon of tea every other day,”Decaf and know sugar added”… it’s nothing like coming home after a long day and sipping on a nice cold glass of ice tea..

    Have a nice day!!


  2. Hey Donna,
    We too had the same thing growing up. Nothing better on a hot summer day. Sometimes, the old fashion ways really are the best ways.

    Take Care

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