The Fight against Cankles…a new worry for women….

Self portratrait of my ankles....

Self portratrait of my ankles....

I learned something new this morning, and I had to pass it right along to you. I’m breathless….Do your calves kind of just run into your ankles with no demarcation? Are your ankles stubby? Fat? You may have cankles!!You heard me….cankles. (My daughter tells me she knew of cankles long ago…as usual, I’m behind…)

According to the Wall Street Journal online cankles have become a  big problem in this country….cankles (a portmanteau word-look it up here-I didn’t know what it meant either)….are according to the report, an issue for Hillary Clinton(this I knew but I doubt she cares) and Miley Cyrus (are you kidding me… But evidently she addresses her cankles in her autobiography which is why someone that young should never, never write an autobiography).  Exercise routines and yes, even liposuction are ways to which women desperate to shed their cankles, have resorted. And from what I gather the exercise route isn’t actually reducing  your ankles, oops…cankles, but making your calves bigger, so your ankles look smaller by comparison. Get it? Or the writer suggests using Preparation H on the ankles at night, and wrapping bandages around them(ummmm, so sexy…my lady!)…to get rid of any excess water. I dunno…sounds kind of weird, though I know women who use it around their eyes. Luckily, I have skinny ankles…but plenty of other body issues to worry about (muffin-top anyone?), of this you can be sure.  Who cares? Thick ankled girls unite! Take back your skirts and your gladiator sandals! Walk proud, and know your ankles are sturdy…sensible…solid.

3 Responses

  1. Oh my God.. one more thing to worry about!! Thanks for the heads up tho 🙂

  2. Donna, I think you are beautiful just the way you are ! !

  3. The whole cankles issue baffles me too. I’ve had to blog about it a couple of times myself.

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