Food for Friday: Changing the world one plate at a time!

Plates Cafe, change the world one plate at a time...

Plates Cafe, change the world one plate at a time...

Normally, I eat lunch at my desk….almost always the same thing…a spinach salad, topped with crunchies and canned salmon..I’ve been eating it for years. But today, I’m breaking the pattern, and heading off to Plates Cafe and Catering, downtown on Charles Street. Never heard of it, you say? That’s because it opened just this week, serving lunch Monday-Friday from 11 am to 4 pm

Plates Cafe is the brainchild of Bridget and Galen Sampson… they are the duo behind the always popular and always delicious Dogwood restaurant, on 36th Street in Hampden. Some of you may know that the Sampsons not only try to use local food products in their restaurant, they also provide job training and a real world employable craft to people who have had some hard times….whether through incarceration or drugs, and are striving for a new and better life. And you can’t get there without a job.  So, Plates is expanding that mission….not only providing classroom training by a 5-star chef, but also professional experience, counseling, job placement and support services.  And while that is great all by itself, there’s more.      


Sock monkeys at the Exchange!!

Sock monkeys at the Exchange!!

It was sad when the lunchroom inside the Women’s Industrial Exchange  closed their doors after a century in business(the crafts part was always  open, still selling those cute sock monkeys!)…I love the space, the black and white checked floors and have enjoyed their chicken salad and tomato aspic, more times than I’d care to count. But it’s nice to know the restaurant space is alive again, providing a place to have a great lunch and provide employment for people, who want the chance to provide for their families. I  hope you will support Plates Cafe…and its mission.    





my slammin salmon blt!

my slammin' salmon blt!

Update:  Just got back from Plates….had a fabulous salmon blt….seared salmon, bacon, local tomatoes, lettuce…what’s not to’s now my new fav blt.

Charm City Cupcakes...

Charm City Cupcakes...

Oh, and here’s something I didn’t know….though probably many of you do….Charm City Cupcakes  has the most darling cupcake stand inside the historic Brown’s Arcade…also on Charles Street…and an equally charming man named Billy Palmer was selling those sweet little morsels…and when I said I didn’t know that’s where CC cupcakes were located, he said( joking I think), “I know where you are….am I gonna have to change the channel??”  I assured him that would not be necessary, and bought a red velvet, a pecan praline, a vanilla vanilla, and a chocolate mousse filled one. Yummo…can’t  wait for desert tonight….










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