Six $$ Cheeseburger!

Mmmmmmm....cheeseburger goodness...

Mmmmmmm....cheeseburger goodness...

You know that I’m always looking for a food bargain…a place to eat out that is pretty, fun, good food..and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. An email from Fleming’s Steakhouse (which can be a pretty pricey joint) downtown at the Harbor, revealed a real possibility for good food and savings….their Five for Six before Seven menu. Five mixed drinks and five glasses of wine, and five appetizers….all for $6 each, before 7 PM, any day. I had a similar email fromPazo in Fells Point, called Pazo Cinco, but that’s only Monday-Friday, 5-7 PM, and this was Saturday night… off to Flemings, after an afternoon showing of Public Enemies at the Landmark Theatre just down the street…Johnny Depp‘s latest offering to the movie world(I give it a B).

two drinks: $12

two drinks: $12

We cruised into the bar at Flemings…indeed, this is the only area where you can get the special menu deal(and it filled up pretty fast)….ordered a mojito and a glass of pinot grigio..$12, in case you’re counting.  And one of eachof the appetizers…TENDERLOIN CARPACCIO with  Creole Mustard Sauce, SWEET CHILI CALAMARI, CAJUN BARBECUE SHRIMP, SEARED AHI TUNA, and JUMBO LUMP CRAB CAKES……and because they had just added a bacon cheeseburger to the list, we ordered that too. Let me just say….it was way  too much food, but in the interest of scientific progress, I felt we should try each one. My favs were the calamari, the carpaccio and the shrimp…and the cheeseburger arriving last(which I thought would be like a “slider” tiny burger but it isn’’s full size with two fat onion rings), we had wrapped up…we couldn’t eat another bite. Total tab: 6 appetizers and 2 drinks….$48….not bad, not bad at all…and the cheeseburger is still in the fridge….waiting for me. At least I hope it’s there when I get home.


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