Wink it out? I really have to stop scratching my back with a pen….

Can these ink marks be removed from a fav sweater?

Can these ink marks be removed from a fav sweater?

Yesterday as I left the news set and Marianne Banister was sitting down, she said, “You have ink marks all over your pretty looks like the bad boy in class has been sitting behind you!”. Except, the bad boy was me…I had a little itch during the news, right in the center of my back, and the only way to reach it was with a pen, which I thought didn’t have the inky tip out. Wrongo.(I am not the only doing this, btw….meterologist Tom Tasselmyer says he has done this to many, many shirts.)

Does WINK really work?

Does WINK really work?

And I was sad, because I haven’t had a lot of luck getting ink out, and I really love this little coral J. Crew cardigan. Then I remembered a product in the laundry room, which I bought a long time ago at the supermarket and never tried….it’s called WINK…and supposedly, it melts ink stains. But hey, it’s worth a try.

Last night I followed the directions and rubbed WINK into the stain, rubbed it a little bit and put it in the wash….the ink was already fading. Out of the washer…good as new. No ink!  I pass this along to all of you who may also…have an itch in a hard to reach place…and use ink pens indiscriminately. It’s worth noting that one cleaning website  says nothing removes all inks…but they have lots of ideas including hairspray and rubbing alcohol(?), and some stains they say are indeed a lost cause. But Wink worked for me!


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  1. Hi Donna….I swear by RESOLVE, the carpet cleaner in spray bottle I use it on everything, It will take out INK, Blood (once had surgery on my foot and got blood on carpet) Grass stains, grease, etc…Just spray it on and wash…..I use it on everything!!

  2. Tina….I Resolve to buy some!! Thanks for the tip…

  3. Donna, As a retired teacher, I too had many accidental ink stains on clothing. I used the cheap,lacquer-type Aqua Net hairspray and it came out every time !

  4. Donna, another teacher…ditto for hairspray. Don’t even have to spray…just drip a drop or two from a pump-type non-aerosal bottle. Always thought it would make a neat science experiment for little ones, to watch the ink literally lift out of the fabric. BUT…was a DISASTER with gel pen ink. Any suggestions for THAT? Or RUST stains from an old washer tub??? I’m really desperate to beat the rust!!!

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