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June 9, 2009

OK, today is my birthday, alright? And it has long been my policy that it is best to take one’s birthday off, if one can.  It’s just a nice thing to be off on your birthday….my sister sent me this ecard….

Ha-ha…very funny Jan. I’ll get you yet….just wait until your birhday. My Mother called and sang me happy birthday and told me the story, once again, of my being born on a very hot hot summer day in Birmingham Alabama, before there was air conditioning. Seriously. Can you imagine the horror of being in labor with NO AC?? Unbelieveable what women used to go through.

My son and the lovely Jennifer really knocked it out of the park this year….a gift card to my favorite yoga place and a box of delicious tea cookes from a bakery in Brooklyn where they got the wedding cake….such a cute, cute package. When I try them I will pass the info along to you for mail order gifts….they look delicious…we’ll see.

My daughter is replacing the wallet I “lost ” in New York”…but it’s not in yet. And they hubby has gifts that I have yet to open…but he was under strict orders to not spend much money…wedding bills you know.

My other sister sent me some lovely earrings…wish I had them on tonight, but I don’t.  Anyway, I didn’t get to take the day off….and that’s just that.  But it’s still my birthday. All… day… long.

Doggie Rescue…..
June 8, 2009

Dont leave me here!!

Don't leave me here!!

This weekend I was  buying some plants(flowers and tomatoes-there have been complaints from the family unit that we never grow tomatoes anymore) for a garden that has been dug up…all the weeds and crap pulled out….and it’s been looking at me f or a week, a naked area stripped bare, waiting for planting.  Hit  Home Depot, then Lowe‘s, and when I hopped from the car at Lowe’s….I heard a dog barking in a car. It was noon…sunny, and while not a hot, hot day….as you know in a car on a warm day, the inside temps can get scorching in no time.

I found the truck….a green Ford over at the side of the parking lot, with a brown pit bull(?not good on dog breeds but I think that’s what it was)…he was trying to stick his snout through the window crack  for air…a tiny bit of foam on his chin. Not good. I looked around, no one there. I thought, “OK, maybe they will be only a few minutes and right back out, but if they’re not back when I’m finished, I’m doing something.”

So I get a few plants…and am out maybe 30 minutes later….the dog is still there, not barking just sitting with his tongue hanging out. I march back to the store(having left my cell phone at home darn it), and asked to see the manager….gave the girl the location of the truck and the description and tag number and told her the manager better page that person or I was calling the police. Another woman in line said, “Are you talking about that dog in the truck? I couldn’t believe someone left him in there, and thought about calling the police.”

We both went back out to the truck, and waited for about 5 minutes, and then decided enough was enough, and called the cops. Gave the trucks info, location, etc., and waited more….trying to give the dog some water through the window crack…he was having none of it. A few minutes later, a guy comes out of the store headed for us….the lady with me, demands, “Are you the owner of this truck?”  He answers that he is indeed. I say, “It’s not cool leaving a dog in here in the heat…and it’s dangerous…he could die!” the guy…”I’ve only been in there for about 10 minutes…”. The lady:” #*%##* you have…I’ve been here 45  minutes!” “Same for me buddy”,  say I. So he gets in his truck, and slams   the  door as he adds, “Thanks for sharing!” (t least he didn’t assault us, verbally or physically.)

You’re welcome my friend, you’re welcome. The lady and I go our ways(and yes she does call the police and cancel the call…no wasted manpower)….all’s well that ends well…but please don’t leave your pet in a car in the sun with the windows cracked. It’s plain cruel, and you could lose you pet. Here’s a link to an online debate about leaving pets in the car…is it ever ok? Some interesting opinions. Most say, why not just leave the pet at home, where it’s safe and happy? Oh, and it’s illegal to leave your pet in a car unattended in California.

Drag me to the bad place…
June 5, 2009

This is how I felt this morning....not good...

This is how I felt this morning....not good...

I’m not gonna lie to you, I am just plain old glad that the weekend is here. I’m getting highlights this morning, overdue as it happens. I should have had them done before the wedding but had to cancel the appointment, and then you have a beg to get back in the rotation. Which is …today….thank goodness.”

I wrote the above early this morning when the day was young and innocent. And all went well until 10 am…I was in the car getting ready to pull out when the phone rings. It’s the salon where I have my hair done. “Are you coming for your appointment this morning?”  (small clutch of panic in my chest)….”Yes, of course….”…but turns out I am inexplicably, leaving the house when my appointment was TO BEGIN.  I have no explanation for this.  I am not a person who is late…I cannot stand for someone to wait for me, drives me crazy. But somehow….I am now very late.  “I’ll be right there”, I blurt out, and set off in the rain, which of course makes traffic terrible, followed by a parking machine downtown which won’t give me a parking sticker and I have to trudge off to find another one, wet hem of slacks, searching for change in my purse….just a wretched start to the day.

Thankfully, a kind stylist does at least part of the highlights…the part that shows…it’s good you can’t see under the top layers…but that’s all people see anyway right? A fast cut later and I’m out the door. But it was just one of those bad, bad starts to the day, that make me even more anxious for a calm, relaxed weekend. Deep cleansing breath.

And I have movies to catch up on! Wedding/birthday/graduation business has kept me away from movies…I know, I take real life over an imagined one any day, but I do love films. So I’m thinking pizza and a movie….sound good?  I’m dying to see Drag Me to Hell at the Charles…seems a fitting ending for a day that started in a hellish sort of way. The picture above so captured my mood….. 

It could be a trashy transition….
June 4, 2009

my daily salad containers and salmon can-I save them for recycling!

my daily salad containers and salmon can-I save them for recycling!

As many of you know, I have been an avid recycler for quite a few years now, and I have a system at my house that works for us. There’s a big basket in a corner of one room where the paper and boxes go….and a hamper at the top of the basement steps where I put cans and bottles and plastics. I don’t have to do that any more as the city went to single stream(meaning you don’t have to separate anything, it can all go out in one big hamper if you like). But because I have a system, and it works, I keep it like it is.

Now Baltimore City has announced the following as of JULY 14:

 1. reducing trash pickups to once a week,Tuesday -Friday. 

2. instead of picking up recycling every other week, you get a weekly pickup.

I sense a trashy transition coming. Unless the people of Baltimore really get behind recycling (some neighborhoods are and some could care less)….the trash could stack up in a big, bad, ugly way.  See….for someone like me…a recycler….I like this plan. I only put trash out once a week anyway usually…as I don’t have that much, because at least half to two-thirds is put into recycling. People would be shocked at how much their trash output is reduced if they recycle. And the plan will benefit me…because what stacks up at my house is recycling. And Lordie, if I miss  recycling pickup, or a holiday kills one…you end up with a month of recycling. Luckily I have a basement to put it, but still. Lots of people don’t.

But if people refuse to learn to recycle, and let’s face it, it ain’t brain surgery….they will either have loads of trash at their house…or even worse, loads of trash they just put on the street anyway. That will be a rat’s fondest dream…”Oooh, look at  that big pile of nice stinky trash all ripe-like in the summer heat…have I died and gone to heaven? Where’s my spoon? ” 

You get the idea. So I’m hoping Baltimore City will start explaining in a clear fashion(and we in the media need to do this too…that would be a big help) just how one recycles. What goes in? What doesn’t? What kind of container can you use? What can’t you use? All plastics? Just some of them? All paper? boxes? Styrofoam? This is very confusing to folks who have never tried to recycle( and I know a lot of people that would surprise you, that they don’t recycle)….and it needs to be made simple. Which it is really, you just need some guidance. And then it’s all about creating a couple of  new habits…you don’t just throw everything in the trash. The earth only has so many landfills. And lots of them are full. It’s time to recycle….once a week….every week. It ain’t that hard. For those of you who live in the city, you’ll be getting a postcard soon about which trash and recycling days are yours. Look for it!