Hot Tip on Sweet Onions!

Get em while theyre hot...I mean, sweet...

Get 'em while they're hot...I mean, sweet...

Ok, I just got an email from Garden and Gun Magazine….that’s right, I said Garden and Gun….it’s an upscale southern magazine published in Charleston, SC…and it honestly does have some terrific travel and food articles in it…as any respecting Charleston based publication would have.

Anyway…the tip is about a new kind of super-sweet, southern onion.  I’ve long been a fan of Vidalia Onions…grown in Vidalia, Georgia, of course. Sweet, mild onions that are just soooooo good…but the Low Country Sweet Onion Company from Longstreet Farms claims to rival them(maybe surpass them?).  The scoop is that these onions were first grown privately on a 2 acre patch, for onion connoiseurs…true onion lovers.  L.B. Wannamaker (love the name)from St. Matthews SC is making a limited production of these sweets available for 2009 . This is evidently a pretty small farming company…when I called and ordered a big box($28 including shipping, comes out to about $1.10 a pound), a woman answered the phone and took my name and number and address and said “OK, thank you.” I quickly asked, “Don’t I need to pay for them?” 

Dont these look delicious?

Don't these look delicious?

 “Oh, I don’t usually answer this phone…somebody will call you back with all that. ” So it does seem to be…small and informal, but they say you will be able to tell the difference in these onions, so I’m in…all in. And they have a killer looking Sweet Onion Pie recipe on there….can’t wait to try it. Maybe L.B. will call me back tonight.

Oh, and if want to see a funny video they just posted on youtube that will also make you hungry…click right here, sweetie.

2 Responses

  1. Donna:
    Love Garden and Gun!! My nephew and his wife who live in St. Johns Island gave us a subscription for Christmas. I guess now I have to order the onions!!! We love spaghetti and smothered onions at my house and the only way to make it is with Vidalia’s, so I’ll give these a try. Thanks!! I always look forward to your little tid-bits, but I have one for you…Try “Pure Wine” in Ellicott City–it’s great!!

  2. Donna
    Thanks for the heads-up on the onions. It came just in time for a Bday gift for my husband, a HUGE lover of Vidalias. These made a great hit! I quote “They’re better than the Vs! Super sweet. Really Delicious.” He’s putting them on every sandwich and salad. The large box will be gone way too soon.

    Did Richard Klein, the former B-more guy get in touch with you? It was great to find a B-more contact from our new “onion land.” Gonna make the Onion pie recipe this w/e for the 4th! No tears, just sweetness!

    Thanks, again


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