What Donna’s watching this summer….

While television watching seasons have changed a lots in the past few years…summer , which used to the land of reruns(or encore presentations as the networks like to call them), now quite a few really great series air or make their debut in the summer. Before any more time goes by…her are my favorites so far. There are some good ones.


So beautiful, so compassionate...

So beautiful, so compassionate...

HawthoRNe/TNT…..starring the truly gorgous Jada Pickett Smith(and there are plenty of closeups for big fans), this medical series centers more on the nursing staff, instead of the doctors. I really liked one scene, where a doctor who made a mistake is trying to blame if on one of her nurses(Jada is the head honcho nurse), and she says, “Oh that’s right…doctors don’t get fired, do they?” Good acting, good writing…and if I am to believe what I’ve read about the series, Jada’s very famous spouse is like an unpaid and constant consultant on the show. While that’s probably good for her and the show, I’ll bet the producers would love for him to take  a hike. Nobody likes somebody from the outside throwing their weight around(especially if they know what they’re doing,and Will Smith does).

Look how the sun glints on his chiseled cheekbones!!

Look how the sun glints on his chiseled cheekbones!!

Royal Pains /USA….eye candy alert! “Dr. Hank”(Mark Feuerstein) is a top notch ER doc from NYC, where he’s been a bad boy, for saving the life of a poor kid over a big hospital donor.Awwwww, that’s sweet.  And now he’s blacklisted from other hospitals!  Sooooo, he winds up in the Hamptons(the rich part) where they need…wait for it…a good doctor…a concierge doctor! Even the rich on  need medical care, right? Funny brother, pretty cars, big houses, beaches, fancy parties….Don’t be a cidiot(Hamptons local term for city people who come out on the weekend)…what’s not to like? 

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here/NBC….ok, let me say, this is one I have to watch alone. The other people who live in my house think this show is ridiculous, so I’ve been driven underground, to watch it in secret.  It feels so dirty. But the Baldwin brothers and the skeletal Janice Dickenson duking it out…and Speidi? I know it’ s awful, but that’s what makes it good.

And I asked some guys here at work about what they’re watching and got these two suggestions: Fourth and Long/Spike TV…..a reality tv football show with Michael Irvin. Once I went to the website…I could see why I had never watched anything on Spike.  It’s not my…ummmm….. cup of tea. Cup of beer is more like it. Also suggested…Raising the Bar/TNTa lawyer show, but it is by producer Steven Bochco, so that’s something…I’ve never seen it.

Ok, share…have any of you found some great…ok, at least interesting new series you’d like enough to suggest for the rest of us? Let me know. Have a fantastic weekend…be good, and come home safe. DH out.

2 Responses

  1. Nurse Jackie and Mad Men.

  2. Liz….I got a free weekend of Showtime, so I got to see Nurse Jackie, with Edie Falco. Wow…there’s a complicated woman for you. Very, very interesting…I’ll have to Netflix the season as I refuse to pay any more for my viewing habits. I get HBO, but none of the other “premium” channels. And I can’t wait for mad men to return!

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