OK, today is my birthday, alright? And it has long been my policy that it is best to take one’s birthday off, if one can.  It’s just a nice thing to be off on your birthday….my sister sent me this ecard….

Ha-ha…very funny Jan. I’ll get you yet….just wait until your birhday. My Mother called and sang me happy birthday and told me the story, once again, of my being born on a very hot hot summer day in Birmingham Alabama, before there was air conditioning. Seriously. Can you imagine the horror of being in labor with NO AC?? Unbelieveable what women used to go through.

My son and the lovely Jennifer really knocked it out of the park this year….a gift card to my favorite yoga place and a box of delicious tea cookes from a bakery in Brooklyn where they got the wedding cake….such a cute, cute package. When I try them I will pass the info along to you for mail order gifts….they look delicious…we’ll see.

My daughter is replacing the wallet I “lost ” in New York”…but it’s not in yet. And they hubby has gifts that I have yet to open…but he was under strict orders to not spend much money…wedding bills you know.

My other sister sent me some lovely earrings…wish I had them on tonight, but I don’t.  Anyway, I didn’t get to take the day off….and that’s just that.  But it’s still my birthday. All… day… long.


7 Responses

  1. Happy birthday, Donna. Not even going to try and sing it to you.. don’t want to scare people. 😉 LOL Enjoy the day!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, Donna! I love reading your blog!

  4. Happy Birthday Donna! Enjoy a wonderful day and a marvelous year!

    STO LAT! Which is a Polish saying that means may you live 100 years.

  5. Happy Birthday Donna…

  6. Dear Donna,

    Happy Birthday to you!!!…Sounds like it was a good birthday…May you have many, many more…


  7. Donna,

    Happy Belated Birthday! I wasn’t around much yesterday during the day and then lost power for several hours last night, so I wasn’t able to get online at all. Hope your day was wonderful!


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