Doggie Rescue…..

Dont leave me here!!

Don't leave me here!!

This weekend I was  buying some plants(flowers and tomatoes-there have been complaints from the family unit that we never grow tomatoes anymore) for a garden that has been dug up…all the weeds and crap pulled out….and it’s been looking at me f or a week, a naked area stripped bare, waiting for planting.  Hit  Home Depot, then Lowe‘s, and when I hopped from the car at Lowe’s….I heard a dog barking in a car. It was noon…sunny, and while not a hot, hot day….as you know in a car on a warm day, the inside temps can get scorching in no time.

I found the truck….a green Ford over at the side of the parking lot, with a brown pit bull(?not good on dog breeds but I think that’s what it was)…he was trying to stick his snout through the window crack  for air…a tiny bit of foam on his chin. Not good. I looked around, no one there. I thought, “OK, maybe they will be only a few minutes and right back out, but if they’re not back when I’m finished, I’m doing something.”

So I get a few plants…and am out maybe 30 minutes later….the dog is still there, not barking just sitting with his tongue hanging out. I march back to the store(having left my cell phone at home darn it), and asked to see the manager….gave the girl the location of the truck and the description and tag number and told her the manager better page that person or I was calling the police. Another woman in line said, “Are you talking about that dog in the truck? I couldn’t believe someone left him in there, and thought about calling the police.”

We both went back out to the truck, and waited for about 5 minutes, and then decided enough was enough, and called the cops. Gave the trucks info, location, etc., and waited more….trying to give the dog some water through the window crack…he was having none of it. A few minutes later, a guy comes out of the store headed for us….the lady with me, demands, “Are you the owner of this truck?”  He answers that he is indeed. I say, “It’s not cool leaving a dog in here in the heat…and it’s dangerous…he could die!” the guy…”I’ve only been in there for about 10 minutes…”. The lady:” #*%##* you have…I’ve been here 45  minutes!” “Same for me buddy”,  say I. So he gets in his truck, and slams   the  door as he adds, “Thanks for sharing!” (t least he didn’t assault us, verbally or physically.)

You’re welcome my friend, you’re welcome. The lady and I go our ways(and yes she does call the police and cancel the call…no wasted manpower)….all’s well that ends well…but please don’t leave your pet in a car in the sun with the windows cracked. It’s plain cruel, and you could lose you pet. Here’s a link to an online debate about leaving pets in the car…is it ever ok? Some interesting opinions. Most say, why not just leave the pet at home, where it’s safe and happy? Oh, and it’s illegal to leave your pet in a car unattended in California.

4 Responses

  1. Donna, Thank you for bringing this to light. This is mentioned on the air so much in the hot weather about pets and children left in the car, but unfortunately people do not pay attention. It is sad because they are helpless. You are always out to help someone. Your blogs are so informative. Thanks again for all you do. Hope you had a great and relaxing weekend. Reddy

  2. Donna, in this case even though the owner drove away, I think you should take the tag # and alert animal control – they could trace the owner and do a little more ” education ” with this person about animal cruelty – some people are to stupid to be pet owners !

  3. Donna,
    Doesn’t it make you wonder…if they treat their animals this way…How they treat their children or any human being for that matter! I would NEVER leave my dog in the car in any kind of weather it’s too dangerous…..They don’t ask us to be thier owners….they are as innocent as children……

  4. More people need to stand up the way you and the other woman did when they see animals or children closed in cars. No child or animal should be left in a vehicle alone for any length of time. Either take them into the store with you or leave them at home.

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