Drag me to the bad place…

This is how I felt this morning....not good...

This is how I felt this morning....not good...

I’m not gonna lie to you, I am just plain old glad that the weekend is here. I’m getting highlights this morning, overdue as it happens. I should have had them done before the wedding but had to cancel the appointment, and then you have a beg to get back in the rotation. Which is …today….thank goodness.”

I wrote the above early this morning when the day was young and innocent. And all went well until 10 am…I was in the car getting ready to pull out when the phone rings. It’s the salon where I have my hair done. “Are you coming for your appointment this morning?”  (small clutch of panic in my chest)….”Yes, of course….”…but turns out I am inexplicably, leaving the house when my appointment was TO BEGIN.  I have no explanation for this.  I am not a person who is late…I cannot stand for someone to wait for me, drives me crazy. But somehow….I am now very late.  “I’ll be right there”, I blurt out, and set off in the rain, which of course makes traffic terrible, followed by a parking machine downtown which won’t give me a parking sticker and I have to trudge off to find another one, wet hem of slacks, searching for change in my purse….just a wretched start to the day.

Thankfully, a kind stylist does at least part of the highlights…the part that shows…it’s good you can’t see under the top layers…but that’s all people see anyway right? A fast cut later and I’m out the door. But it was just one of those bad, bad starts to the day, that make me even more anxious for a calm, relaxed weekend. Deep cleansing breath.

And I have movies to catch up on! Wedding/birthday/graduation business has kept me away from movies…I know, I take real life over an imagined one any day, but I do love films. So I’m thinking pizza and a movie….sound good?  I’m dying to see Drag Me to Hell at the Charles…seems a fitting ending for a day that started in a hellish sort of way. The picture above so captured my mood….. 


2 Responses

  1. Even though it was a rough start–it is Friday! It’s worth the rotten start just to be at the weekend. TGIF

    Enjoy that movie!

  2. Hi Donna..

    I know what you mean.. When I’ve always had a respect for stylists… so I bust my tail to make sure I am on time… in fact I’m usually EARLY. It’s to the point where my stylist, Brian, says that if he doesn’t see me around about 15 mins or 1/2 early for my appt, he starts worrying that something’s up with me. 😉

    When it comes to professionals and appointments, however, I get irked when the same respect is not shown to me. I have a dermatologist that has kept me waiting from 1 1/2 to 2 hours before finally seeing me. I think it’s tremendously disrespectful. I’m sure that if I’m would be late, a number of these same professionals won’t show the patience and respect…

    It is good that your stylist was able to fit in some of the services and help you out…! It’s just one of those days, huh? Ah, I think your mind was still enjoying all the lovely recent days. Hope you had a good birthday, by the way!!

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