New York Wedding….part 2…where did I put my wallet?

Ok, let’s see, where were we? Oh yea, Friday night party…check. I forgot to tell you a minor inconvenience/major flip-out that happened on Thursday. I discovered my wallet was on the lam. Yep, as in gonzo…missing in action…a disappearing act. Where did it go? Where was it lifted from my bag? I literally have no idea, but there were a couple of hours that day spent canceling credit cards(luckily I only have 2 plus a gas card-which someone did try to use), but I have to get insurance cards replaced, and my driver’s license(which is done-I’m not driving illegally)….But on a weekend where I need a charge card…that thing was almost on fire…it had taken a holiday. Luckily my daughter got in later that day and gave me back my Mastercard, which she “keeps for emergencies” (like lip gloss on sale at Rite Aid). And we moved on…really, what else can you do?

5823The wedding ceremony on Saturday took place at Jefferson Market Garden in Greenwich Village…it belongs to a library that used to be a the women’s detention center…a great, Victorian gothic, red brick building, where women inmates used to shout from the windows at friends and visitors below! It has an exquisite garden, especially this time of year, huge rose bushes in bloom , along with peonies, allium, and mock orange. And amazingly the weather held….and in a garden wedding- a little important.( And a later addition-I forgot….this was the garden in which Miranda on Sex and the City got married…episode 88…small point of interest…but in that episode you can see how pretty this garden is, if you have it.)

Me and the groom-Mona in background!

Me and the groom-Mona in background!

A lovely young cellist named Mona that we found on Gigmasters,what a great site, provided some lovely music. The cello seemed an appropriate choice, because my son took lessons and played for quite a few years.

Wedding cake time....

Wedding cake time....

Dinner afterward was at a small(all restaurants in the village are small) place called The Market Table….it was where my son proposed to the lovely Jennifer, and it was a such a great choice for dinner. The food totally rocked it.  Mikey Price is the chef/owner…and the man can put some unbelieveable food on the table. And he did. We ate from a smaller version of their dinner menu, so you can get an idea of what the food is like. Pancetta wrapped porkenderloin with banana fingerlings? Amazing.  There was a small wedding cake that Jennifer’s fabulous Mom Jill insisted on(even though the adorable couple said no, we don’t need it), and I’m glad she did. It was the perfect touch on a perfect small wedding dinner.  everyone poured(literally) into taxis…no driving in nyc…and blissfully floated back to where we came from. As the lovely Jennifer’s Dad said, “On a scale of one to ten, it was a 25!” I couldn’t agree more.


4 Responses

  1. Donna,

    It looks like the wedding was a success. What a beautiful couple! Bummer about losing your wallet; however, if that was the worst thing that happened than it’s not that bad. Replacing everything is a pain, but at least all was replacable.

    Best wishes, much happiness and love to the happy couple!


  2. Donna,
    Congrats on your expanded family! I love your new blog photo and the photos of the wedding rock! It sounds as though it was beautiful and classic. Best wishes to the newlyweds!

  3. Thanks for sharing all this with your viewers. What a lovely small wedding! What an attractive couple!
    I am one of many who love to watch you at 5pm…… and read your blog.

  4. Don’t feel bad Donna. We had to fly out to St. Louis Mo. for my neices wedding two weeks ago, and my daughter(who was in the wedding) had her purse stolen two days before we had to fly out. So, you know the deal. Had to get a new Drivers License ASAP for airport security, as well as stopping and changing credit cards, atm cards, etc. You have a handsome son and beautiful daughter in law. Glad everything else went well.

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