Back from a Big Apple New York…

The adorable couple say I do....

The adorable couple say I do....

Wow, where to start?  My last post  was NYC loft party day....the beginning of a busy, crazy, lovely weekend….those of you who are wedding veterans will know of what I speak….it all goes by so, so fast. Friday night got things kicked off….I was going for a Southern-esque theme with the food….chicken pot pie(took two big white bake dishes to Eli Zabar’s and they cooked them, covered with pastry!), pulled pork barbecue, corn bread, potato salad with green beans and cherry tomatoes, slaw,  sweet potato chips, and homemade dill pickles after a Zabar’s antipasto board, cheeses, shrimp and crudite, and we ended with a Smith Island cake that I had ordered from Sugarbakers in Catonsville(it is sinfully good with chopped up bits of Recee’s Peanut Butter cup in the filling), and tiny jewel like fruit tarts. A young woman my son knows helped with the catering…she’s just starting out in the catering biz…and I would have been lost without her….and Zabar’s!

I think all of you would have liked the loft we rented(off of my beloved VRBO, natch)…it had the perfect party space, AND we stayed there as well, so it was a good deal. I loved the financial district section of Manhattan…very close to the Seaport, lots of little businesses around and a great little panini place down the block.  Great night…great place. The news is calling….more tomorrow!

3 Responses

  1. Most adorable and lovely couple ever!

  2. How wonderful to see your son married!!!!
    I haven’t seen him since Edreco baseball days playing with my son Dustin. Dustin got married last Sept and is expecting their first child in October – so you know what’s next, right Donna?
    I’ll share your news with Dustin and wish your son and new daughter lots of health, wealth and happiness.

  3. Hi! Congratulations!! I feel like this is a wedding of an extended family member!! Keep writing and I will keep reading!

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