Keeping up with the details…

My wedding detail notebook...

My wedding detail notebook...

Right now, that’s what my life is all about….keeping up with a myriad of details that are all spinning like plates in the air(no, not waiting to come crashing down-that would be negative thinking)….and hopefully weaving them all together into a tapestry of bliss and happiness. This little notebook in the picture is the keeper of the details right now. One of my sisters-in-law gave it to me years ago, ostensibly to journal about my travels…it’s filled with quotes about travel, the first of which is “The world is a book and those who do not travels read only a page.”  I’ve never written a word in this journal until now, when I realized I neede to consolidate my flotsam and jetsam notes scribbled here and there.  Now, it tells me what I need to do today, what I need to do tomorrow, and the next day and the next. The list of things I’m carrying with me to New York is a little staggering. But I’m like that when I travel anyway…so for a wedding party, it’s just that much worse.

Why, you may ask am I carrying things instead of buying them there? Well, why on earth should I buy a couple of big vases, when I already have two, just begging to be used? And why should I pay a premium for wine in the big apple, plus 9% tax, when I can buy it here and take it? Look, my Momma raised a girl who doesn’t like to throw her money away….and I can’t change now. It’s been hard enough, using caterers. I usually do it myself, but I know in this instance I cannot. But it’s hard, giving up that sense of control.

Deb Weiner said to me, “Well, of course you’re taking it all with you…after all you’re going to a third world country!”….and I realize, anything can be had in NYC, but….I’d just rather take it with me. The thought of a turtle carrying its shell on its back comes to mind.  And the lovely Jennifer laughed at my keeping a paper notebook, instead of something computerized. I just like my notebook, though my computer has done most of the work.

A sea of green graduates..or are they?
A sea of green graduates..or are they?

Here’s a picture from graduation last Friday….my daughter is down there(and this was only the school of Humanities)! The woman sitting by me had thought to bring binoculars, so I got see her up close while she waited her turn across the stage. Wow, that is a big sea of green. And here is the odd, very non-green thing about this graduation….the kids didn’t rent their gowns, they had to buy these polyester sacks..for about 40 bucks. So, what happens to them later? They are no doubt thrown away. Why on earth, don’t they rent and reuse them? Soooooo wasteful….I’m gonna write a letter of complaint to the university right now!!

And here’s quote from the journal that makes me feel more courageous about everything….by Rhiannon Paine. “Other travelers brave rapids, scale mountains, walk on the moon. I drove across London(NYC for me), on the wrong side of the road, on the wrong side of the car, without insurance, in what began as a drizzle and became a downpour. It may have been my finest hour.”

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  1. Donna, pen & paper has been around for an awful long time. Computers are great except, as I recently had happen, when the hard drive dies or gets a virus or just isn’t accessible anymore. Then where would you be. Scrambling for the little scraps of paper that you wrote those notes on to put in your computer. For big “to do’s” you need the pen & paper. You should take your vases (etal) with you, it gives your event a personal touch. As for “throw away graduation gowns”, they’re everywhere. My son graduated from HS in 2005 and they had to buy their “throw away”. My how times have changed! I wish great weather & a great event in NY … I’ll miss you while you’re gone.

  2. I can tell you where some of those green gowns may end up. In the closet. My son’s is still in a closet here. He can’t bear to part with a happy memory. My other son has his tassel hanging in his truck.

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