Garden Glory….

The pink flower in foreground are coral bells from Brenda,,,

The pink flower in foreground are coral bells from Brenda,,,

Wow, I can’t believe how everything looks sooooo good right now in the garden. The grass is emerald green, a climbing hydrangea is (finally ) loaded with blooms…I waited years for this. Some iris(or flags as a British friend always called them-shoutout to Brenda in Christchurch) are loaded and ready to pop.

Peony buds..and there are lots more!

Peony buds..and there are lots more!

And yes…the peonies..the glorious, glorious peonies I planted two years ago, a Home Depot special for $11.99, are all back and waiting for June. Sigh, happiness all around.

It really is too bad it’s all downhill from here. I know, just enjoy it’s beauty…but beauty is fleeting..there’s no botox for hydrangeas. And if you look a little closer at the brilliant green grass(the least environmentally green thing you can grow,byw), there is a bumper crop of clover mixed in, but I refuse to use poison on it…not with my kitties and other people’s kitties padding gently over it. So, it can stay. And hey, a little imperfection, just makes the rest of the perfection that much better, r at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

And someone had asked, Susan I think, if my hydrangeas had survived. Yes. I am happy to report they all are back, with lots and lots of blossoms..will they be their original blue, as when I bought them in Rhode Island and packed the back seat of the car with hydrangea plants to haul them home to Maryland? Or will they be tinged with pink? Don’t know, don’t care. They live!!

So, the garden is for the moment, good… all good. It’s breezy, like me. And thank you for all the kind thoughts about my Mom…she is out of the hospital, a little weaker each time she goes in for another bout of pneumonia, but hanging in there…she’s “sticking around“, as she calls it. She too wants to see another spring, another summer. And she wants to witness, though not in person, her grandaughter, my wonderful daughter graduate from college this Friday(yes, another big event in May!), and to see pictures of her grandson…my son..getting married in New York the following weekend. So there’s a lot to live for. For all of us.  Including a lovely garden, even if will look very different this August.  Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…Old Time is still a-flying, and this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying. Robert Herrick wrote that poem over 300 years ago, but the sentiment is timeless. Beauty is fleeting, life is fleeting, gardens are fleeting. And the last stanza of the poem could be for my son…who took the great poet’s advice…..Then not be coy but use your time, and while ye may, go marry. For having once lost your prime, you may forever tarry.


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  1. So glad your mother is hanging in there Donna. Just like your garden, it seems your life is blooming too right now. Your son is getting married, and daughter graduating from college. Congratulations to you and your husband on a job well done. Now go cherish the moment.

  2. Donna, so glad to hear that your mom is “sticking around” and that she’ll be able to see/know about all the wonderful events that are happening to you and your family this month. Wow, what a month, I think I’d be a might bit unstable with all of this happening in a few short weeks. I’m pleased to see that your hydrangea’s survived and are thriving once again this season (success! yes!) – can’t wait for mine to bloom – I’m seeing buds here and there – so they’re coming soon – Take care and God bless you and yours

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