A potpourri post…Elegy, Samos and Pork Roast…

They still have this price today!!

They still have this price today!!

OK, I never told you how my pork roast turned out last weekend, served at the end of swine flu fever week…. I went to the supermarket down the street and found a 5 pound bone-in loin roast, get this, for $.99 a pound. Crazy. I rubbed it down with crushed garlic, some rosemary and plenty of kosher salt, and followed a different roasting recipe, called Aristos(Greek for “the best”-a sentiment with which I would concur) that I found on Williams Sonoma, that starts the roast out at 475 degrees…for 20 minutes…yikes! Don’t forget to turn on the exhaust or  you will have a smoky kitchen….I didn’t have the figs, but it turned out spectacular anyway. For 5 bucks.



Ever had taramosalata??

Ever had taramosalata??

And perhaps it was prophetic that it was  Greek recipe…on Saturday friends called to see if we wanted to go out for dinner, to Samos, the famous Baltimore Greektown eatery just off Eastern Avenue(my first visit, believe it or not). They don’t take reservations, it’s byob, and be prepared for a wait if you go on a Saturday night. And wait we did…about an hour, but it was a happy wait….the 6 of us stood around and shared a bottle of wine, and had little cocktail catchup hour. Samos has legendary Greek  food, and you can watch the owner and chef Nick, busy, busy busy at the stove. We had some lovely taramosalata(fish roe, potatoes, olive oil)…olive tapenade,grilled lamb chops, moussaka(which I have learned a few years back is pronounced mousse-ah-ka‘, not mousse-ah‘-ka). For dessert, Galatoboureko….don’t ask me how to say it…a rich cream custard in phyllo…unbelievably good. It was just one of those great evenings…with longtime friends, everybody relaxing after a long work week…oh, I didn’t mention, the prices at Samos are extremely gentle on the pocketbook….I think the lambchops are the most expensive dish at $22…most  are much less.

And last but not least, Sunday was such a dreary soggy day(not aristos), a movie in front of the fireplace seemed about right….I watched Elegy on demand on Netflix….starring the always luminous Penelope Cruise(she is gorgeous), and the always powerful Ben Kingsley. About a man who is disconnected with almost everyone, until he meets her. It’s an interesting flick….and the first time I have watched an on demand netflix film….so easy.

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