A Pork Loin Friday night dinner….

This is my ready for Friday look....

This is my ready for Friday look....

You have probably heard from me, that 11 News reporter Jennifer Franciotti or as I  call her, J-Fran, sits right across from me in the newsroom. Every Friday morning when we see each other, one of us will say…”It’s Friday“….and the other replies, “And you know what that means.” And we nod knowingly. What it means, is that the workweek is over (usually), and Friday night and a nice bottle wine beckons. And this week has been particularly intense…with water main breaks, and swine flu outbreaks…there’s a whole lot of breaking going on, and we’ve been doing our best to cover it all….and all the other stuff in the news too. So, whew….it’s Friday!

Bring on the pork roast....

Bring on the pork roast....

And since I am from Alabama, where we never get too far from the pig, and in honor of pigs who are getting an undeserved bad rap over the swine flu(now H1N1) thing….I am cooking a Friday night pork roast. It’s one of my favorite dinners really, and so easy. I’ve even found an easy recipe for pork loin…which shows you how to do it step by step. Sometimes I will use the little tenderloins if I’m in a hurry, ’cause they cook so quick. But the regular loin is just as good…maybe better…and lots cheaper, just takes a little longer as it is larger.

My fav prep is to rub it with crushed garlic, and rosemary, kosher salt and pepper, and plop it in the oven(yes, in a pan-that’s for my daughter)…and about an hour or so later, you’re done. Some sweet tater fries would be fabulous with it, and a salad, …open a nice bottle of red wine(my current fav-2007 Chateau Monte Oton from Spain….get this….$5 a bottle and so good), and you have a world class Friday night

Oh, and I have the movie Milk starring Sean Penn on dvd from Netflix….it’s supposed to be excellent. See you there!


5 Responses

  1. WOW! I think I’m going to Treuth’s (our local butcher-fabulous!) and getting a nice pork roast. With the weather today, it really becons for a nice roast, saurkraut and sweet potato fries. Thanks for the inspiration, Donna!! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  2. Please tell more of the Cht Monte Oton…where can I get it? I am always looking for the next great bargain in wine, and the Spanish reds are a favorite of mine. I am liking Tierra de Vientos tempranillo currently 2005 and 7 bucks. Thanks

  3. Just wanted to let you guys at WBAL know that you are doing a wonderful job covering this flu outbreak. The comprehensive information has been very useful. Thanks for keeping us informed. Job Well Done!!!

  4. Paul, I get it at the Wine Source in Hampden….and last time it was less than five bucks…and its quite nice. I love Spanish wines too, and the bargains there are crazy. Ask for Paul at the Wine Source…he’s my wine guru. And Gary thank you so much…it has been quite intense this week, but we appreciate the kind words!

  5. Dear Donna,
    I love it when you mention food on your blog! Have you ever heard of chocolate gravy for biscuits? I had a neighbor from Alabama who invited me for breakfast once and served that. Do you know a good recipe for it? Good luck with all of the wedding preparations!

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