Swine flu fever….

No, I don’t have a fever, and the chances are you don’t either. But you will be hearing about fevers for a while, at least until this swine flu thing…whatever it is…has run its course and things settle down a little. But I’ve gotten some interesting emails about it….like this one.

I just returned from Amsterdam through Dulles International airport, we were in line with many people,several wearing masks. As I reached the customs officer I was required to place both my hands on the scanner…..note everyone is placing their hand on this scanner……..no provision was made to clean the scanner inbetween use or provide soapless soap to clean your hands when done…….talking about passing on the virus right there at the airport……..I was disgusted and run to the bathroom as soon as possible to wash my hands……very careless and possibly dangerous practice at the airport. I have no idea where to go with this so I hope you can bring this to the attention of the appropriate people.”

Now that’s an excellent point. And not even necessarily to do with swine flu…but what about colds, MRSA, everyday germs….we passed the email along to a tv station in Washington D.C…..maybe they’ll have time to do something with it. That is Federal TSA territory….but they should have anti-germ wipes or gels handy. Why not?

This one is from a concerned parent at one of the schools in Maryland with “probable cases”….she basically wanted lots more information from school officials and said:

Using all the disinfectants in the world within a suspect building will not prevent the shed of virus from those already infected. Pandemics are a serious public health threat and parents deserve to be armed with information to allow them to make an informed decision regarding their children’s health. “
I can’t disagree, and think more information is better than less. I know parents at those two schools are understandably concerned…thus there was a much higher absentee rate at both today, as parents keep their kids home, to avoid possible illness.
But as one doctor pointed out to me, so far, the illness has been no worse than a regular flu. Most people have recovered without even a doctor’s care.  N-1-H-1, as the World Health Organization now wants the virus to be referred to, ( and that I understand-Egypt is slaughtering all the pigs in the country!) still may have some surprises for us. The story is still unfolding around all of us. But so far….nothing we can’t handle. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  

Oh, and if you’re looking for an interesting read…..pop for a copy of  John M. Barry’s “The Great Influenza,” which came out five years ago…It has now climbed to # 99 on Amazon.com’s best-seller list. I’ve read Barry’s book, which  tells of the deadly 1918 pandemic that killed millions worldwide. It’s really quite a thriller.


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  1. An interesting mention of the 1918 epidemic. My Grandfather at that time was in his mid twenties and came down with the swine flu. He became so ill that he was given the last rights and was expected to die. He did not of course but came very close. I wonder if I may have developed an inherited resistance to the flu? I guess not likely but I guess time will tell.

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