Another man’s garbage….

The lazy girls compost heap...

The lazy girl's compost heap...

I have become a recent convert to composting….don’t know why I didn’t do it years ago! When I think of all the items  I have sent down the disposal, that could have had another life as soil enriching compost, it makes one want to weep. Still, better late to the party than never, as my Momma says.

And not being blessed with a large yard, I’ve had to be a little crafy about where to put the compost heap. You wouldn’t notice it, over on the side of the yard where are lots of leaves and stuff…and so daily I carry out whatever I would have thrown away. Leftover vegetables that have gone a touch moldy, anything organic that would have gone to waste like coffe grinds(worms love them), tea bags, fruit peels, vege peels, peanut shells, even wood ash….it all goes in. The things to avoid..inorganic material, meat and dairy stuff(they make the pile smell bad and attract varmits), pet droppings(bad)…..common sense really. If you go to composting 101, they have all the answers if you’re not sure what to put in, and what not to. They will tell you that what I’m doing(a pile of compost), is the lazy woman’s entree to the world of composting. Whatever. Maybe I’ll get a bin soon.

Little green compost bowl....

Little green compost bowl....

So I keep a little green bowl by the sink, and in go all the things that would have been down the disposal..oh, and all the yard clippings( in the pile, not in the bowl). Did you know that yard trimmings and food residuals together make up almost a quarter of this country’s municipal solid waste stream?  That’s a lot of stuff that could be put back to work  in the soil…in landfills. So…go forth and compost. Your garden will thank you for it!


3 Responses

  1. If you have azaleas, you could always pour your used coffee grinds directly on the soil around them. I’ve done it for years and my azaleas are always the prettiest on the block!

  2. Donna,
    Hubby and I have been composting for years. Bought a second-hand bin out of the Penny-saver on a whim. I keep a bowl next to the kitchen sink for coffee grounds, egg shells and all the fruits/vegetable discards. Take the bowl out to the compost bin when I let my dogs out. Occasionally turn the compost material over with a garden rake (if I think to). Grass clipping stay on the lawn, but leaves are vacuumed up and added to the bin. We then use the compost in our vegetable garden as a soil enhancer. It’s a win-win outcome. Good for the environment, good for the garden, and ultimately good for us as the end product vegetables produce. And for those skeptics, there are no odors from the bowl nor from the compost bin. And it has never brought any varmits to the surrounding area. Good luck with your new green venture.

  3. For 4 years I’ve composted all the veggie and fruit waste at the Inn and restaurant. No proteins=no spare pets. To keep fruit flies at bay, I use a large cookie container with a screw top, then every few days we empty it… works wonders!

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