Sunshine in a Bowl….

Utterly delish sunshine in a bowl...

Utterly delish sunshine in a bowl...

I admit to being a lemon curd freakazoid, and for those of you who have never had it, or only had it from the store….let me just say, after you learn how fabulous it is, and how easy it is to make, you’ll never go back. In fact, the hardest part is figuring out which of the millions of recipes available online you want to use….and they vary widely from lots of butter, just a little. I try to pick one the the middle, and this time(though I have used others with equally good results), this time I picked one from the Joy of Baking.  Only  I tripled the recipe. No, I don’t really need that much, but you can give it away in little jars, and I’m putting it tiny little tart shells for an Easter dessert. And I’ll spread it on English Muffins for breakfast. And take an occasional swipe straight from the bowl with a spoon. It’s that good.

Only 4 ingredients...

Only 4 ingredients...

All you need is  a few lemons(3 for a measly single recipe -for juice and the zest of the rind), butter, and eggs …oh, and sugar, of course. And please, what ever you do, do NOT use bottled lemon juice or juice from one those little plastic lemons. It won’t taste the same and I won’t like you anymore.  If you’re gonna do that, just buy a jar.

Labor involved…zesting the lemons with a grater, juicing the lemons(easiest if you have a little juicer), and stirring , stirring with a whisk so the eggs don’t curdle. But honestly, I have never had that happen. No matter which recipe you use, it’s pretty foolproof.  Here’s one that guarantees to be foolproof and goes about preparation in a different way, from Fine Cooking. Enjoy…and have a great weekend!


2 Responses

  1. O’ Donna, so many food paragraphs! Can we substitute lime juice? I’m crazy about lime in my morning tea, and the lime juice sustains a fruit salad, with summer coming.

  2. Tom….yes you can use fresh lime juice. I’ve never made it, but pale green lime curd with the tiny bits of bright green zest in it is lovely. Go for it…let me know how it turned out.

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