I got a phone call a couple nights ago, from New York….telling me the wedding between my son and the lovely Jennifer(no, no it isn’t called off!), but in an effort to simplify and downsize….appropriate, no?….they are moving it up. Way up….late May up instead of September. That’s about 7-ish weeks away. And that is the weekend the minister they want to marry them is available. Gulp.

Soooooooooo, as I got my hair done today, I found myself studying a beautiful magazine about Maryland weddings, I’d never seen before, called My Day , like I was cramming for a big test. Seriously, I engaged in almost no conversation with the stylist, because I am now a woman on a mission! Find things fast and make them happen….find places to stay in Manhattan, food, just all the flotsam and jetsam makes my head spin. 

how cute is that??

how cute is that??

I did come across something I’d never seen before(ok another thing)…luscious cupcakes in ice cream cones … Couture Cupcakes from the Blushing Bakeshop…snapped a pic and sent  it off to Jennifer.

I know it will all be fine and it will somehow all get done…a small family intimate wedding…right? RIGHT?? I’ll let you know how it goes….fingers crossed.


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  1. Relax Donna, relax. I have worked on the inside of hundreds, possibly a thousand or so weddings, including my own, so I would like to offer my professional insight at your disposal. So if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask..

  2. Donna,
    I wish you could’ve heard our ministers sermon today. It’s about how we try to control and worry about things we can’t control. Everything will work out. I’m happy for your son and future daughter in law. Try to enjoy the moment without getting to stressed out.

    Take Care,

  3. Dear D.H., You’ve already got your hair done?? I guess tommorow you’ll lay out your clothes! The next day get gas in the car!
    Seriously, ( sort of), we KNOW that you will be a great mom-in-law…be cool…it’s not about U. It always works out.

  4. So, The most put together woman on TV is asking for advice? No way! I have faith in you that you will pull this off….I would be more stressed over planning the rehersal dinner on short notice than anything else….because we all know….the hair, dress,shoes and make up will all look great as you always do!

    How lucky is Jennifer to have a Mother – In -Law like you!

    Enjoy the day 🙂

    And…Don’t forget to post Pictures!

  5. Found this article on the Today Show website:

    Nothing is impossible!!!

  6. Oh Tom, Tom….don’t you know I have to have my hair done at other times than for a wedding? It was just a routine haircut, brother. And the rest of you are right…it is time to relax….it will all be fine. Now I need to get gas in the car.

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