An outhouse arsonist…seriously??

You dont see this every day...

You don't see this every day...

 We all get strange e-mails from time to time, but this one seems to be real, as far as I can tell, from a California public relations company selling a story…about Clorox, for some reason, being on the case of an “outhouse arsonist”. Here’s what it said: 



Hi there!
Have we got a story for you…
I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the “Outhouse Arsonist” that is burning their way through San Francisco, leaving a nasty charred trail in their wake.
Now with over 30 Porta-Potties scorched and an estimated $50K in damages, this is not a practical joke.
Tomorrow (Tuesday), the POTTY PATROL will be marching from outhouse to outhouse in support of
Operation Flush the Outhouse Arsonist” initiative, an effort to bring the potty pyromaniac to justice.

Clorox is offering a
$5,000 reward and a year’s supply of toilet products for tips leading to the arrest of the person/persons responsible.

If you are local to San Fran and are interested in sending a crew out with the Potty Patrol, contact us asap to arrange.  Help us get the word out so residents can pee in peace!”

A nasty charred wake indeed, and actually I had not heard about it. One can only imagine the smell of a torched porta-potty….I thought that this was maybe a joke of some kind! But no, it appears to really be happening out in San Francisco…of course. I wondered why Clorox was involved..and farther down past the feed coordinates(when the pictures will be sent to you via satellite), there was this explanation:

“Oakland-based Clorox is dedicated to clean toilets  and community safety. With its line-up of toilet cleaning products, Clorox  strongly supports the rights of every toilet. Last week the company kicked  off “Operation Flush the Outhouse Arsonist” with a full page ad in The San Francisco Examiner.  Residents with any information about the arsonist are encouraged to share  tips online at the Facebook group ‘FlushArsonist’ or by tweeting @FlushArsonist on Twitter. Tips are also  being collected on the city’s arson hotline.”

Well, I’m dedicated to clean toilets and their rights too, but I’m not putting up any money for it…which reminds me of my son bathroom in college. He lived in this big, ramshackle old off-campus house with about a dozen other guys(and they did not respect the rights of every toilet)….the place was a total firetrap, and I worried about his living there though nothing bad ever happened. But I learned it was best to locate another facility if I wanted to use the bathroom. It was that bad….and it had an odd bright blue ring around bowl, that matched the color he had painted his room. I asked what happened, and he told me that he had poured the rest of the paint down the toilet. Oh, the environmental travesty of it….I was horrified, and told him that was no way to get rid of leftover paint!…what on earth was he thinking???? He just looked at me, and shrugged. I’m happy to report he is much more responsible now…he recycles and uses public transit…cleans his apartment on a regular basis. But really he owes that to Mother Earth….and so does the “Outhouse Arsonist, who will be facing much more than a shocked mother, if he pr she ever gets caught.


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  1. Donna, I am writing this in the most loving way possible but the color of your hair looks so gray. I have always admired your hair and the color but on TV the last couple days the color looks dull. It may be a result of the hot water heater incident, bad lighting, I don’t know but I felt compelled to share because I only want you to look your best. Love your blog and you are the greatest!!!

  2. Donna, I am saying this with as much love as possible but your hair looks really dull and gray on the last couple of newscasts. Maybe it’s due to bad lighting? the broken water heater? I don’t know but I’ve always admired your hair and I felt compelled to tell you. Please don’t be mad and love your blog!!!

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