A sore back and a splash of cold water….

I thought of my friend and co-worker Gerry Sandusky, somewhere between the 10th and 14th bag of mulch…..GS had told me last Monday, how he had for the first time ever, hired someone else to mulch his garden beds. He said, “It was fabulous. Saturday evening came…the gardens looked great, I was enjoying a glass of wine, and my back didn’t hurt!” And I seriously considered doing the same…but it’s hard for me, like for many of you, to pay someone else to do something I know I can do my self. So, there we were this past weekend, dragging increasingly heavy bags of mulch around, raking the stuff into place….it was a long Saturday, ok? And yes, my back does feel the effort today, no doubt about it. On the plus side… my gardens look great, and I still have the couple of hundred bucks it would have taken for someone else do the job, in my pocket. Gerry, when he reads this, will snort derisively, and say something like…”Sucker…” Maybe next year Ger, maybe next year.

And then this morning, I turn on the shower to get ready to come to work, and 30 seconds later, the water is still stone cold. This is not a good sign. I pop downstairs, push the little red button on the boiler(our hot water is oil heated though I desperately want an electric on demand hot water system-this one is on demand, but oil is the energy source)….the boiler comes on for about 10 seconds and switches off again. This means something is wrong, you ain’t getting no hot water this morning. So I had to kind of make do….and while I briefly considered washing my hair in the sink..the coldness of the water was just too much…so I’ve opted for a pulled back do for the news tonight…you’ll see at five. And I’m waiting for a repairman to call and say, NOW I’m ready to fix your oil burner.  I really want a hot shower!

3 Responses

  1. Donna, I sympathize with you on the cold water. I too have oil fired hot water and as probably the case your oil level is low. Sludge in the tank clogs the filter between the tank and the burner causing it to cut off when a flame is not established. I had this happen when my oil co. did not automatic fill my tank. When i called for a fill up they sent a service guy who tried to whack me for a $300.00 service charge. No way Jose. all I needed was more oil and a clean filter. I changed the filter myself and flushed with some kerosene and was back in hot water. I just thought I would share this so you and the readers don’t get whacked by oil co games to get more of your money for mysterious “services.”

  2. Donna, I too sympathize with you on the cold water. I wanted the electric on-demand hot water heater (so small yet immediate, constant hot water when you wanted it) but I was over-ruled – I will have one one day … as for mulching and a sore back – I Most Definitely Can Relate – find yourself a very nice, reputable chiropractor and you’ll feel much better – I promise.

  3. Paul…it was the oil filter..how genius are you? I didn’t pay anything as I have a service contract with the oil provider…but I called them early last fall for a cleaning, and they said, “Oh, we don’t do that during the season anymore, only in the off season.” I told them that if they had notified me of that I would have scheduled one earlier, to which I got sorry. So, they’ve had to make several free trips out this “season” for little things like a filter that could have been cured with a cleaning. Whatever. And Susan, I will have an on-demand too…I would have one already but while we have 200 amps coming into the house there was, indecision on the part of the electrician of whether the system should be on its own circuit box….($$$$). So I just tabled it for a while until I can figure it out, as to how much hot water we really use at one time.

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