Twitter Central….

Remember how I told you that I joined Twitter? Yeah….I have yet to really do much with it, maybe I’ll send a Twit (or tweet?)that I just published a blog(when I actually finish it…)…but in the meantime, I have  Twitterphorea going at home.

Twitter inspiration sent someone at my house out into the Twitterverse…to Home Twepot, iso homes for the original twitterers.  Yes,  birds. And these particular Tweets you start receiving very early in the morning…these twitterati really believe in twitting first thing…before the first Tworm even. Their devotion is inspirational,  better than any alarm clock.

There have been those foraging  Twirls to feed though…bushy-tailed scavengers who remain mute during their larcenous activities, and have been seen to actually tip one feeder on it’s side(it seemed impossible with two paws holding onto a pole and two tipping paws, but proof was in the seed pudding) and watch happily as the seeds splashed onto the ground below. What follows can only be described as a tweeding twenzy and much tail twitching.

Yes, it has all been quite amusing to watch our new twit-mates in action…while we spend untold dollars on tweed. Don’t they know there’s a recession on? Or maybe, they just don’t care. There certainly seems to be a mentality among them, a kind of Tweed-greed that kinda got us all here in the first place….Don’t worry about twemorrow, just get all you can…tweday!! OK, I’m tired now. Tweet Dreams.


4 Responses

  1. Dear Donna, I’m sure you enjoy the birds. My husband set up two feeding stationes. One we can watch while eating in our dining room. The other I can watch whiloe cookiing or working in the kitchen. We have quite a variety of birds. We also have some bird houses which are fun to watch the birds go in and out of. My husband is known on first name basis at the co-op where he gets black oil seeds, thistle for the yellow finches and another seed. We also have corn blocks for the squirrelswhich the birds also munch on. Enjoy your birds. Reddy

  2. Are you SURE this is Donna’s blog???? Doesn’t sound like her writing at all…..

  3. Oh it’s me Carole, I just don’t usually attach annoying tw’s to lots of words. You’ll be thankful to know I’ll probably never do it again.

  4. Thank heavens!

    I’ve enjoyed “hearing” you since years and years ago when I used to tune you in on a Saturday morning RADIO show, for gosh sakes…..and this just didn’t “sound” like you!!!

    Nice “talkin” to ya!


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