A Little Shameless Name Dropping….

I received this comment on my blog about my NYC trip from someone who called themselves Donna’s daughter….oh wait…it was my daughter. She wrote, “Mom, you forgot to say how we saw BEYONCE!!!! she was shooting some sort of video, and she looked so beautiful!!!”


Look right at the edge of the truck hood...thats Beyonce!

Look right at the edge of the truck hood...that's Beyonce!


And it’s true….And it’s true…..this picture was taken by the lovely Jennifer….and on her Blackberry, which could zoom in and you could actually see Beyonce, who was obviously working that Sunday. We were walking back from lunch in Tribeca…and my daughter noticed some activity(i.e. photographers) down a side street and people watching…something going on. We wandered down, and saw just beyond the fire truck…a group of about 30 young handsome guys dressed in dark suits and ties. But wait…right in the center in a tight gold lame’ gown…is that??… yes it is!….No one could be more gorgeous….it is Beyonce. They must have been filming for a music video or commercial…very brief scene in which they all raised their arms at the same time and punched the air a couple of times…then Miss “Single Ladies” was covered with a white robe and gently led away.  

Short ribs and deviled eggs at The Spotted Pig!

Short ribs and deviled eggs at The Spotted Pig!

But that’s not the end of celebrity connections…oh no, gentle readers. We had lunch one day at a restaurant called The Spotted Pig….it is a half block from our apartment…famous as one of Bill Clinton’s favs. And where did Rihanna go to meet Beyonce and Jay-Z for a bite to eat on her first public occasion after the domestic violence troubles? That’s right…The Spotted Pig. I hope they tried the deviled eggs…$3 for an order(2 halves)…delicious golden morsels with lots of dijon and drizzled in olive oil. I’m sure she could use some comfort food….can’t we all?

And my son took us to dinner…took us… as in, he chose the restaurant and paid for it…I am still amazed by this (I know, get over it)…at  The Market Table in the west village.

I may actually read this book by Miranda July....

I may actually read this book by Miranda July....

It’s a lovely, intimate place oozing with charm…a huge bouquet of yellow forsythia branches on the bar…and where they bring you the check in a paperback book…ours was No One Belongs Here More Than You. Charming…and a nice thought, especially after I read the next day that The Market Basket is one of Gwyneth’s new favorites in NYC…Gwyneth as in Paltrow…as in Apple’s Mom. Alright…enough name dropping for one day. Keep in mind we didn’t SEE any of these people…except Beyonce…it’s more like 6 degrees of NYC, you know? Oh, and seriously, click on the link to “No one belongs here more than you” above…it is fascinating, and makes me want to read the book!!!


4 Responses

  1. Dear Donna, does your daughter know that you have traveled the world and have seen and met soooo many notables? Beyonce is on the long list of names that you have ‘ bumped into’, interviewed, or met.
    I used to be in the music business. When I told my adult children, years ago, about meeting Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tony Bennett, they couldn’t relate….really couldn’t care less.

  2. Where ARE you lately??? Miss your blog. The irregularity of the past two weeks have been very unusual…

  3. Donna,

    Where are you? Hopefully you haven’t stopped your blogging. It was bad enough going getting through the previous time without you. Can’t go through it again. Your blogs help me get through the day!!! Please start blogging again soon!

  4. Tom, my daughter does know a little about that, and she does care…a little bit, but like your kids, you are just Dad, and I am just Mom, …”Oh there they go again….talking about the old days”.
    And Trish and Carole….I am very sorry about the lack of blogginess this week, and I commit to you to doing better. Sometimes I just get busy, and sometimes I just come up empty. But I am getting back on track, promise, and thanks for the encouragment!

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