Reclaiming My Zen……

Can you hear the trickling water??

Can you hear the trickling water??

Ooooohhmmmmmmmm…..come on, say it with me lotus blossom, eyes closed….oooohhhmmmmmmmm. Well, it’s a start.  You know, at the beginning of this new year, with the economy in the crapper, and everyone a little anxious, and nervous, and…well…a little crabby it must be said, I realized I need to reclaim my zen. Get back that little peaceful feeling inside that no matter what, all is well. Or at least ok…pretty much ok. I realized that for sure after reading a reply to my post about the Superbowl and CNBC’s Maria Bartelomo giving us bad news during SuperBowl coverage…normally a happy occasion, to which I took exception.  One person who clearly needs some zen had a serious lashout…..and bless Courtney for taking up for me. She wrote “Whoa…sounds like someone is having a bad day.” So, clearly I, AND OTHERS WHO WRITE IN ALL CAPS need a soothing dose of  living in harmony.

Anyway, I’ve been trying reclaim my zen by getting back to yoga, at a new studio I found in Mt. Washington called Ojas….I really like it. Ojas(which also has other locations) has a real zen vibe….very pretty,  smells really good like you’re having aromatherapy just walking in, and they don’t do hot yoga, which I intensely dislike(sorry, I just don’t like it). Ojas also has mat pilates classes  and for those truly inspired they also offer The Reformer.

Ummmm....let the goodness blossom....

Ummmm....let the goodness blossom....

And massage and facials….none of which  have I tried….but the classes have been great,  I adore their lovely bathrooms, and after class you can make yourself a free cup of delicious Yogi teaummm, a nice cup of hot tea after yoga(love the Sweet Mexican Chili) is soooo soothing.  And their prices are right… important today… in fact you can take two introductory classes of mat pilates or yoga for just 10 bucks. Good deal.

Calm, comfort, relaxation, zen….say it with me now lotus blossom…Oooohhmmmmmmmmmmm……


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  1. You know, in addition to facials and yoga, you could try real Zen Buddhist meditation. If you find your anger surging up too often, or you just have too many crabby days lately, meditation could really make a difference for you. Start with just 10 minutes a day. Every day. Try it for two weeks. See what you think after two weeks. You might like it.

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