Can hot tameles melt the ice??

This shining sea of ice is my front walkway...yeah...

This shining sea of ice is my front walkway...yeah...

This is what I am currently traversing when I leave my house to go to the car….or vice versa. A sea of thick, impenetrable ice. Sure, we’ve thought of trying to break it up, but nothing tried so far has made a dent….and cracking the bricks underneath isn’t the desired effect, so I’m just waiting for it to….melt.  In the meantime, you need grappling hooks and climbing ropes to make it down and back.  Cute.

I got tamales!!!!

I got tamales!!!!

And I was especially concerned this morning, because today is the day my tamale survival kit was supposed to arrive. Ever eaten good tamales? I didn’t grow up eating tamales….my only exposure as a child was a rather tall clear jar of them that sat on my mother’s pantry shelves. I have no memory of anyone ever eating the tamales. They just sat there. But as an adult, I love the cornmealy goodness of a tamale wrapped in its cozy little cornmeal husk….even tried making them from scratch one time. They were pretty good, but a lot of work. Seriously, not an undertaking for the faint of heart of those low on counter space, as you’ll see from this hot tamale recipe that says it is best done as two day process.. Then, I stumbled on Texas Tamales…..they’re lard free, come in chicken, pork, beef, spinach and bean…and are shipped up in two days to your door. Order Wednesday…Friday you have gourmet, delicious tamales. And today was the day mine were to arrive, via UPS. Hmmmm..there is NO WAY Mr. UPS is gonna try to make it up my walk(really why would he?)….meaning he’ll probably put the box back in the truck and drive off with my tamales, meaning there will be no tamales for the Superbowl. Yes, we have no tamales today…..So sad.

But today, fortune smiled my way. As I clawed and slid my way down to my bottom steps…where a rail stands, beaming like a sturdy ray of stability just inches away now….who should pull up but……the UPS truck. Such good luck. He agreed that he would never have tried to get up my little version of Alpine ice.  After all, he does want to be working tomorrow, not in the hospital with a broken leg…so I get it. But my little tamales are in their little styrofoam box…all frozen and just waiting to be steamed, sending that yummy smell of the southwest tamale stand into the air. Make a little guacamole…a little salsa…maybe a salad…cold beer…that’s a Tamale Superbowl, baby. But will it melt the ice…..doubtful.

Oh, and since it is too late to get tamales from Texas Tamales in time for the Superbowl(sorry I didn’t tell you earlier)….you might consider Trader Joe’s frozen tamales….not as good as TT, but plenty tasty, all wrapped in their cornmeal husks, ready for steaming for a tamale Superbowl party!!


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  1. Do what a friend of mine did….hook the hose up…HOT WATER melt the ice then salt well……and yes it did work! 🙂 good luck!

  2. Donna – I have a sloped driveway, so I used to slide down while trying to clear snow or ice. Now, I wear “Yaktrax” which keep me upright. Yaktrax are used by the US Bobsled team to walk the course before their runs down, so I knew it’d work for me. REI carries them – sometimes sold out, so I usually order them from the web – from Great Outdoors Depot or another site – whoever has them on sale!

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