The Sky is Falling!!!!


I took this picture peeking around the corner....

I took this picture peeking around the corner....

You might think this post is about the economy, and it could be…but it’s not. When I say the sky is falling today, I’m being much more literal. When folks at WBAL-TV came to work yesterday and today, we were instructed not to park in the station parking lot…..Why? Because a big chunk of ice might fall from the tv tower above, and 1. Crush your car. 2.(much worse)Crush your head. Now the head crushing has never happened, though it’s been close…vehicles have fared much worse over the years.

So yesterday as ice began falling from the sky, our news director Michelle was actually driving people herself  to and from a more distant parking lot….as she said, you never know what the job is gonna call for. But  by today they had a professional driver from On Trak Transportation LLC   ferrying us back and forth to Cross Keys(update: Ok this guy is also very handsome..I didn’t mention it before because I didn’t want too seem  like a stalker, but as a couple other women at the station brought it up, it’s now fair game-he is cute.)….Somehow we got on the subject of limos…and he said, “Now you guys are talking my language“. And he may have a customer…one lovely WBAL employee is planning her wedding and is pricing limo service. Bingo! So I pass the info along to you, as he was very nice, a great driver and has a kid in college and one who’s three and six others in between… about a busy man.

I took a chance today at lunchtime…grabbed the ride back to Cross Keys…and brought my car back to the station. I’m just hoping the worst of the ice situation has passed. If not, I’ll show you a picture of my smashed windshield tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. good luck!

  2. Did the other stations have to park at away from their normal lot?

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