What are YOU cooking for the Ravens-Steelers Championship????Hmmmm?

Mmmmmmm....New Orleans gumbo!!

Mmmmmmm....New Orleans gumbo!!

I can’t decide really. A big game like that needs something warm(in this kind of cold weather), comforting, yet something to stimulate the taste buds. Something kinda soupy, but not soup.  Gumbo? Can be complicated to prepare, but can be done in advance, and reheated. If  you have the time to do that…”in advance”. For me that would mean staying up late Friday night. No likee, and I have a house warming to go to tonight. Maybe chili? Again, advance time needed, preferably, though it’s less finicky than gumbo.


But wait!!! I have found that I can order gumbo by mail. Is that cheating?  I found a place called The Gumbo Shop...  It’s an actual restaurant in New Orleans on St. Peter Street….and regularly gets voted as having the best gumbo in NOLA. Not bad. I was ordering some for Kerry Cavanaugh’s husband, who is a Louisiana boy, in thanks for the cell phone save….and thought…why not get some for me too?

If you have some time on your hands this weekend…I found what looks like a great gumbo recipe, and making it will fill up those empty hours with the making of the homemade stock(start by killing a chicken…just kidding) and and roux…that classic gumbo mix of fhour and oil, stirred…stirred…sitrred…stirred…until it at last turns golden brown!! Let me know if you try it…and just how hard it is.  Me? I’ll be savoring my Gumbo Shop gumbo…all I have to do is make the rice.


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  1. Donna, I have been making Gumbo for many years, having learned it from one of the best I have tasted even in NOLA. I have found that three ingredients are critical in achieving a real gumbo flavor. They are the ham(absolutly must be true Tasso ham) a really good Andoillie sausage (NOT kielbasa as many recipes suggest as an alternate) and the roux. The ham and sausage can be found online or in a really good grocery, the roux however takes time but I have a fool proof trick. Start the roux on the stove top(with vegetable oil or lard). Use 1/3 more oil than flour and stir carefully. Once this is all hot and bubbly transfer it to your oven at 300 or 350 and check and stir every 30 minuets or so until it is dark brown and smells like popcorn. This way you can do other things and you don’t have to worry about it burning on the bottom. When its done it will settle and the extra oil can be poured off the top. Le bon temps roullet!

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