How to find your lost cell phone…..guaranteed….

Proof my camera works...

Proof my camera works...

You know I have been cell phone free for a week…until yesterday. The lovely Kerry Cavanaugh brought me her husband’s Verizon Razor phone…he has switched to a Blackberry. Last night My daughter and I took it to Verizon, and after a little difficulty, the guy helping us was able to delete all the numbers inside(wish I had kept the one to the famous  Antoine’s restaurant….Kerry’s man is from Louisiana!), but it was all or nothing. Whish…gone. He then downloaded all my recently computer-backed phone numbers(thanks to my prescient daughter…look it up), and I was good to go. I’m even due for a phone upgrade in June, which will be here in no time. And we all joked about how as soon as this was all done, we’d find the lost LG. Ha-ha-ha…..

So, off  I go to work this morning, cell phone happily in hand….fully able to receive and send calls to whomever I want!!  Like it. And then an unfamiliar ring….(my ringer sounds like a doorbell…need to change that), and my girl, who was getting ready to sail back to school, said at the other end, “Guess what I found in the pocket of your black Ralph Lauren coat??” (Trying on my clothes again…)

No it wasn’t!!”, I say…”Yes Mom, it was…”  And there you have it. The sad little secret to locating a lost cellie…get a new one. Or even a used new one seems to be an effective lost cell magnet.  At least the Razor one has a camera that works, so it’s all good. It’s all good.

3 Responses

  1. I love that story. It’s great that your daughter found your phone and that you didn’t have to pay for a brand new one.

  2. I know, Melissa!! There was NO WAY I was gonna pay a lot for that muffler…I mean, cell phone.

  3. Oh I see that kind of thing happens to people other than me! Kind of like the saying “you’ll always find it in the last place you look”, duh/ of course it’s the last place! Anyhoo, I have noticed some glitches in the channel 11 broadcasts on the hd channel lately, freezing and resuming pictures, a cubic picture. Is this because of the upcomming switch to digital? Just curious…and my wife would like to know the name of where you get your hair done. She is on a constant quest for a stylist that can give good recommendations, kind of like the stylists on What not to Wear. If you care to share it would make me a hero, thanks Paul

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