I’m a Blockbuster Trivia Question??

Someone sent me the following link ….http://www.blockbuster.com/movies/donna-hamilton.html….and I had to laugh….because seriously, if you had asked me personally what was the role I played in the movie Philadelphia, I would have told you, I played a reporter. Why the reporter was given a name, I have no idea….I won’t tell you the name in case you want to take the trivia quiz about my so-called “movie roles”. Oddly enough, I saw that scene that was shot outside the courthouse in Philadelphia, with Tom Hanks and Denzell Washington, over the holidays…. on some movie channel. I always find my hair in the scene wildly amusing, as it had been teased to BIG HAIR by the hairdresser that day, after he was called on the carpet for putting it up, by director Jonathan Demme. “Where’s her hair? I want her to have lots of hair!!” Boom….it was down and done.

Oh, and for those of you who have written in sympathy regarding the disappearance of my cell phone?  I will soon be rescued. Reporter Kerry  Cavanaugh’s husband just switched to a Blackberry, thus, his old Verizon Razor phone isn’t being used, so bingo, tomorrow I’m activating that baby, and in June I’ll be eligible for an upgrade! I’d be eligible now, except that I gave my daughter my upgrade, back in December, in a fit of generosity. When we switched to Verizon, she chose the most ridiculous phone in the world…the “Juke”….because it was so tiny. Yes, so tiny that it was hard to text or look at a picture, or really do much of anything. Live and learn, live and learn. And my LG cellie isn’t being used by anyone…it is sitting somewhere, wondering why Mommy has abandoned it….where are you? Of course, as soon as I get a new one, my LG will pop up, with a lopsided grin on its face….ha-ha..fooled you!!


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