A Phoney Dilemma….

If you know the tune to the Beach Boys “Help Me Rhonda”, sing it with me now….”Help Verizon, help, help Verizon…Help Verizon, help, help Verizon, help Verizon yeah, help get a new phone” OK, here’s what’s happened….I have lost my cellie. My little LG, that Ii should taken in over the holidays because the camera wasn’t working, is now MIA. Since Tuesday. Not good. I innocently traveled to the Verizon store in Towson yesterday, to check on getting a new one. After explaining my situation, the  phone I want will cost $450!! I stared at him open mouthed, he stared back somewhat sympathetically…”Yeah, I know…you might want to check around to see if you can find a used phone onEbay, or maybe someone has a Verizon phone they’re not using you can buy from them.” (OH, and he also wanted the last 4 digits to my social security number to get into my account….no way baby…and he was able to get in without that, just so you know…)

Here are my phone requirements….not too much really. It has to work well, and have at least a 2 mega-pixel camera…..I use it all the time for this blog. And I need a larger screen, like the LG had or the Dare does,(all the better to see it with)…and well…that’s about it. My big mistake, and I realize this now…is that I didn’t buy insurance on my phone. That’s $3.99 a month seems pretty cheap…now that I need it. But I’m so lost without my cell phone….something has to give. Today.  Any ideas????

One good thing….my brilliant daughter backed up my contact list at Verizon online, so I won’t have to recreate it now….one big plus…so I owe her!!


4 Responses

  1. Do not buy a new phone off of ebay. I did that and ended up getting one that was in Japanese even though the posting said nothing about that. Your best bet is to go onto Craigslist.

  2. I would recommend doing what the guy at Verizon said…go on eBay and buy a phone. They have the “Buy It Now” option on a lot of things sold. I have bought quite a few phones off of eBay and so far so good. Of course…you can always use the next day shipping option. It will be a lot cheaper than getting a phone from Verizon. Have a good weekend…and hopefully you have a new phone soon!

  3. The first mistake was……..VERIZON! 🙂 their service has really gotten bad………….Good Luck!

  4. Oh Donna, I have 3 razors from AT&T (sorry) and you’d be welcome to any/all of them … it is awful when your carrier is not sympathetic towards you at all … it’s the bottom line, you know … but they fail to realize, you can cancel your contract for $175 (or so) … cheaper than a new phone and go to the other carrier and get a FREE (or almost) phone just for signing up … 🙂 … hope you get a new phone soon (or find the old one to turn it back in!) …

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