I’m a Twilight Freak!!

I am ever so slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I am on book two of the Twilight series, by Stephanie Meyer. New Moon,  this one’s called. My daughter received the whole series for Christmas from the lovely Jennifer…and  I was “in between books”…kinda like being in between jobs….it  means you don’t have one.  So, I picked up the first  novel, Twilight, and was ….hooked. For those of you who do not know about Twilight(where have you been?), the movie sensation  has made huge stars of Robert Pattinson and a couple of others, for reasons that are obvious, if you take a look at the clip from behind the scenes…But it’s  based on a 4 book series that the author started, after having a vivid dream one night about an ordinary girl and a sparkly incredibly good-looking vampire in a beautiful meadow. Why don’t I ever have dreams like that?

Interestingly enough, Meyer has never written much before, but wow…she has stumbled into a Harry Potter like pot of vampire gold. I won’t say the books are as intricate or as well written as J.K. Rowling’s books, but they are extremely readable, and the characters really come alive. Truth? I finished the first book in a couple of days…..it was the holidays after all, and now I’m two-third of the way through the second. our heroine Bella, who can be really annoying, it must be said, is now flirting with werewolves. Sorry if I’ve given something away.  And it looks like the second movie New Moon is already in the works….albeit with a different director. Haven’t seen the Twilight film. I’ll netflix it…seeing it in a theatre without a teenage girl in tow might be…odd. You know what I mean.


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  1. I haven’t seen the movie or read the books yet, I’m sure they’ll be interesting.

    If you like the whole Vampire concept, have you seen True Blood? It’s an HBO TV series that just ended its first season in November; its based on the the Sookie Stackhouse novels, by Charlaine Harris.

    I loved the first season and can’t wait until the next season starts back up in the fall. In the meanwhile I think I will start reading the first book, Dead Until Dark.


  2. My tween daughter got hooked on this series and has read the lot several times over. We even did the midnight borders party in August when book 4 came out. Since I have always had a rule that “you must read the book before seeing the movie” I was told that I had to practice what I preach and read the series before getting to see the movie myself! I did and my daughter was thrilled that we could then talk about her favorite books ever!

    Over all – good read, I was definitely hooked. But Bella needs to quit whining about her “unworthiness”!!! Get ready Donna – book 4 was the best!

  3. Yes, I love Twilight too!! I agree, I would feel a little out of place in the theater so I will wait until it’s in Netflix.

    And to comment on one of the comments, I also enjoy True Blood. Both True Blood and parts of Twilight are based on the same book series called Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) by Charlaine Harris. The HBO series seems a little more adult than the Twilight series. I plan on reading them as well.

  4. I told you vampires are cool!! And you will love the Sookie Stackhouse series. It’s fabulous. I’m not into teen vampire relations but adult vampire stuff I can get behind:) The author of Twilight also wrote The Host which is out on bookshelves now. It has a great concept and very fast read despite its size. Enjoy… one more day until Wine Day! Jen

  5. Thank goodness, I am not the only one. My niece received these for Christmas and thinking nothing really of it I told her after she was done with the first to let me borrow it to read. I have always been a little bit of a vampire type person, meaning I like vampire stories but reading a 500+ page book DEFINATELY not a desire I could relate to. I started reading book one around Jan 3rd it was done by Jan 6th then my niece wasn’t finished with New Moon and I could not wait so I bought the next 3 without even thinking twice. I couldn’t put the book down besides yes the normal desire to throw the book across the room when Edward left and a couple times in Jacob’s perspective in Breaking Dawn. I was a little embarrased with my infactuation with the series since it is a “young adult” novel. Wonderful work now I can not wait for more to come and waiting for the movies is like waiting for Edward to come back horrible and painful.

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