Starting off the new year, all natural….

Every year, there is a Natural Foods Expo, that brings in all the latest and greatest natural organic foods….I attended the one here in Baltimore in ’07….so tons of companies contacted me about the one in Boston a couple of months ago, asking was I attending. Nope…but I replied if they would send a sample of their stuff, we’d try it here at WBAL and write a blog about it to pass the info along to you!  So here’s what we here in the newsroom found that we liked.

Solea Chips-top shelf!

Solea Chips-top shelf!

I’d have to say the most popular thing we received was the Solea Chips made by Good Health Natural Foods…especially the guacamole flavor….fabulous. And the potato chips cooked in avocado oil  were also devoured before I could turn around….and the corn chips have 65% fewer calories and less fat than regular corn chips! Great crunch, very scoopable shape. We dug ’em. Good Health is offering free shipping right now when you order a case….

Smashies organic apple sauce pouches!

Smashies organic apple sauce pouches!

And I loved this one for kids….organic, easy to transport and eat in the car, if need be….Smashies Applesauce pouches by Luvli Foods. Certified organic, no preservatives, and serving is pretty simple….unscrew the top and hand it off to the kid. Rescrew when they’re sated, and store the rest in the fridge. No sugar is added, and you can get a case of 10 for $9.99 plus shipping on their website.

Pop it in the microwave and junior has an organic dinner!

Pop it in the microwave and junior has an organic dinner!

Also on the natural kid front….Plum Organics  frozen dinners are again…organic, low in sodium, bpa-free….and they are carried at Whole Foods. We did taste them here in the newsroom, and they were tasty…but for adults whose taste buds are attuned to a much higher salt level than children should ever be exposed to (plenty of time for that later)…they tasted a little bland. I’m an admitted salt freak…sorry to say. But I’ll bet kids will like them, and they also make baby food.

We tried a couple of cookies….for those who have food allergies like peanut, egg or dairy…Home Free cookies are made in a dedicated bakery…with organic ingredients….nut free, dairy free, egg free, tree  nut free. So there. How did they taste? I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s the best chocolate chip cookie I’d ever eaten…it’s no Toll House…but it’s very good. And for parents with allergic kids…sent from heaven. They’re at Whole Foods.

Better Bakes...Yummo!

Better Bakes...Yummo!

And these cookies I loved….Better Bakes  by the Immaculate Baking Company. This refrigerated cookie dough comes in 5 flavors….the chocolate chunk was luscious, and I love their motto “Bake well, be creative, have fun and give back”. How could you not love the first organic ready to bake cookie dough? And it’s Kosher certified too. I baked the chocolate ones over the holiday…warm from the oven…everyone thought I slaved in the kitchen, but no! Fooled them again.


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