DH just hanging with Santa!!

DH just hanging with Santa!!

I made my annual trek to Patesserie Poupon on Balitmore Street downtown…it’s always a wonderful bakery, but at Christmas time, the place really comes alive. They decorate their shop window in the old European tradition, and have a big tree  in the corner of what is a small shop, and the tarts, brioche, chocolate mice, buche noel….really the best. The best. Not  inexpensive, but very very good. And as you can see, Santa was there this year, and the dozen or so people in line(yes, people wait in line at Christmas in PP)…were having their pictures made with him. My LG phone has been acting up lately(maybe it’s stressed about the holidays?)…I keep getting “camera start error” screen when I try to take a picture. Not good, because I use it all the time for this blog. At any rate, a very nice man named Andrew was there…he took a picture for me with his much fancier(and operational) phone, and emailed it to me. Thanks Andrew and merry Christmas!

There was a sprinkling of powered sugar and it must be said, a sprinkling of angst at  PP though….a man in front of me was picking up a German Forest cake, but he didn’t have his order number. Alors!! Horrifique!! Bad monsieur!!  The woman behind the counter said coldly, “You don’t have your order number??” He shook his head…she whipped around and stalked off to the counter behind her got a couple of three ring binders, slammed them on the counter and started looking through them. Nothing in the first one…slam down number two…finally……”Black Forest Cake?, she says a little accusingly ? “Yes, that’s it“…the guy is excited now, and really ready to get out of there.  She sticks the cake under his nose, with a look that says…you better like it ,buster. Here’s your Black Forest Cake, monsieur, served with a justs a dollop of guilt. Ummmmmm…delicious. No doubt he was sent there by his wife…sans order number. Yes, I had my number…I committed it to memory…121.

Oh, and I want you to know, my angst has faded away, at least for the moment. No tightness between my shoulder blades…which is always telling. We are out to dinner tonight for Christmas Eve(no cooking, wheee) at  Sammy’s Trattoria downtown. They always have such a festive atmosphere…and fantastic food. I can’t wait.  Here’s hoping for all of you a peaceful, happy, warm, safe Christmas …Check you later!


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