Ironing linens and making Lowell’s Sweet Potato Soup

Ok, or is just me, or did 11 News reporter Lowell Melser hit one out of the park this past weekend on the weekend morning news with his sweet potato soup?? Great recipe, great delivery, made it all understandable and made me want to make it. If you ever get tired of news Lowell, the Food Network could use you! It looked so good, I’m heading to Trader Joes today, to get some sweet potatoes(maybe organic), and I think I’ll do leeks instead of onions, they add a little different flavor, and I have to remember to pick up a can of creamed corn. That’s a surprising ingredient….but I’m in. Grab of loaf of bread from TJ’s, a little salad with some candied pecans I made(yes I made, with pecans my Mother sent me from Alabama from a place called Priester’s…they have the best pecans, and she should know, I grew up surrounded by big pecan trees)…the recipe I saw on Martha Stewart, and it’s dead easy….my favorite.  Throw in a little blue cheese…and dinner is served.

napkins begging to be ironed....

napkins begging to be ironed....

I’m also doing some ironing…I know, there are people who consider me insane to iron when you don’t have to. But there’s a also something oddly calming aboout ironing, plus you get a stack of beautiful, smooth linen napkins to use at dinner. My dear late Mom-in-law Shirley gave me some really beautiful ones that are my favorites…about 24 inches square…BIG ones she found in an antique store, and in a set of 12. A rare find, she was told. And I think of her each time we use them…she was such a lovely, gracious woman. I still miss her.

Ah, but I need to be off shopping when here I am getting all nostalgic. I guess the holidays bring that out in all of us. Check you later!


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