Because of consumer demand: cool gifts III….

Alright you chipmunks, ready to sing your song? Ready Simon? Ready! Ready Theodore? Ready! Ok…..because of demand for additional gifts ideas….I have more for you. Why, you ask?
Jessica wrote this: “Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas Donna! However…I think you need to change this to the top 12 gifts! It’s alright though…just 2 more wonderful gift ideas! Have a good holiday and happy shopping!”

Then Paul, (aka Simon) added” Yes Donna, Like Jessica said. You could do the twelve gifts of Christmas ! ! Have a great Christmas !!!”

And Katrina on the chorus..”Thanks for all of the fabulous ideas!!! I am convinced you have been to every store, boutique and restaurant in the Baltimore market. Oh…and while your at it…any good ideas for a reherasal dinner?? Roughly 50-75 people and we would like to keep it close to Mt. Vernon since the out-of-town guests will be at The Peabody Court and rehearsal will be at St. Ignatius ūüôā Thanks much!!! I think you would be a good wedding planner.…”
You guys, it’s not that easy to come up with different ideas….especially when I have to now plan Katrina’s wedding…I’m already¬† on it. But I do have another couple of things up my magical sleeve!….Last¬† items, and this time I mean it. I think.
11. This¬†one has lots of ideas inside it….a gift list within a gift list….it’s the lovely Jennifer’s Excel Rainman newsletter gift list…You can sign up for the newsletter if you like and get free Excel tips…I still don’t understand what Excel is, actually. Some of these gift ideas¬†will be great if you have friends or family who live in NY…where she lives…and you’ll notice we have a couple of the same things…..great minds think alike, and we steal liberally from each other.¬†(Oh, and if you are a great¬†Excel spreadsheeter and looking to make some cash, they are looking for some¬†help…)
 Just go to the Submit Request section of
Excel Rain Man’s Top 10 Holiday Gifts¬†¬†

1.  Personal cooking lesson and/or dinner with Tall Order Рselect a 4 course menu that suits your needs and taste and Tall Order Chefs will bring everything needed for a customized cooking class/dinner in your kitchen! (Learn more at

2.  Gift certificate to The Kula Yoga Project РBest hipster yoga in NYC, and by far the most talented instructors around!  Every class is a great class (28 Warren Street near Church Street in TriBeCa) 

3.¬† Gift Certificate to Jack’s Coffee – Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown Coffee and so much more (West Village: 138 West 10th St btw Greenwich Ave & Waverly Place/South Street Seaport:¬† 222 Front St btw Beekman St and Peck Slip)
4.¬† Dinner at Bobo – The West Village’s hottest new restaurant. Open every night for Dinner and Brunch on the Weekends (181 West 10th St at Seventh Ave South in the West Village)
5.¬† Gift Certificate for work requests and private tutoring from the Excel Rain Man. Sorry for the shameless plug ūüôā !! (888-598-9992,
6.¬† Personal Yoga lessons from Jen Guarnieri. What’s even better than yoga at a studio?? Yoga in your living room!! (Check her out online at
7.¬† Beautiful hand-made jewelry from Lark and Lotus -Designer Suzannah Murray finds her inspiration from the mysticism and culture of New Orleans, grown from West African Voodoo… Now you have to check it out! (Available Online and at 8310 Willow St, in New Orleans)
(AND I should add Suzannah is a Baltimore girl….and several of her beautiful creations donate to Habitat for Humanity and Susan G. Komen….DH)
8.¬† Reusable shopping bags from Gecko Traders – Skillfully crafted by a Fair Trade Co-op in Cambodia, these bags are made from recycled rice & feed bags. Perfect for Green grocery shopping! My future mother-in-law (Donna Hamilton) found this before all of the stores… as she does with everything!¬†¬†¬†
For more excellent and chic gift ideas (her famous list will be out this week), check out Donna’s blog ,… she even blogged ExcelRainMan!!
9. An engagement ring from Marisa Perry What better way to suprise that special someone than popping the question over the Holidays!! (154 Prince Street in SoHo)
10.  The New York Times Weekender Рget the best paper delivered to your door on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. (Save 50% @  
Ok, but there are more ideas people have sent me…I like these….don’t you love it when we gift-pool??
From Susan: ” We can’t change the smell, but we can help change the look of your UGGS. Check out these great new accessories for your boots.
Dr. Kim Hammond-saving lives again!

Dr. Kim Hammond-saving lives again!

And last but not least, you can give a gift that could save someone’s life. The always dashing Dr. Kim Hammond from Falls Road Animal Clinic brought one in today for us to look at …it’s a Fire Escape Smoke Hood,¬† that will allow you to breathe in a house fire, for up to 60 minutes.¬† You keep it where you can get to it, maybe in the bedroom. Every home should have one…maybe more than one.

Ummmm....fudgey brownies!

Ummmm....fudgey brownies!

No, actually brownies are last. ¬†Not just any brownies….no, no, no! ¬†In fact , I just heard two people (whose judgement I respect) ¬†discussing these very brownies ¬†today and how fabulously fudgey they are…just the way brownies should be. Lady Baltimore Brownies ¬†are the creation of Joan Allen, from her Grandmother’s treasured recipe…they come in chocolate SINsation, chocolate peanut butter, Gran Marnier macademia, and decaf espresso. Made fresh and shipped to you pronto, a pan that serves 15 is $37.50. How good are they? When Joan was getting her car detailed, she told a woman about her brownies, as an older gentleman sat a few feet away. “Usually when women eat my brownies they just repeat the same nine words..’Oh my God, oh my God,oh my God.” The man took two dozen…he hadn’t¬†made his wife say that in years! Ba-tump-tump!

Happy holidays everyone….


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  1. I have a general question. This morning (Dec 11) there was a small review from a bakery in Baltimore. I missed the name of the Bakery. Please send it to me. I would like to try their cakes.



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