Staying sparkly and warm this holiday season…

December on my Dana Heacock Abacus calendar!!

December on my Dana Heacock Abacus calendar!!

Alright you chipmunks, ready to sing your song?….ready Theodore?….Yes,  gentle blog-reader, it is time to light up the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon. and get this party started…the Christmas party, that is. Or Hanukkah. Whatever you celebrate this time of year. And even though many people..hey all of us, ok…are feeling a little nausea about the economy, and no one knows what’s around the corner, let us be assured that the holiday season is here just the same. And there are ways to enjoy it, without spending a fortune. Take tonight for example. The Monument Lighting is free, free, free. Pack up the kids and find a parking place…there’s music, and pretty lights, Charles Street will be so happy and alive tonight, and fireworks! What’s not to like? Get a cup of hot chocolate at Donna’s  right on Mt. Vernon square, and you are set for  great, cheap evening.

Oh, and dress warm. It’s always a big decision for me …WHAT TO WEAR TONIGHT….especially when you know you’ll be standing in the cold for a couple of hours, no ducking into stores or restaurants…so while you want to look good(naturally), you also don’t want to be a popsicle by 7:30 when the fireworks go off. (And I’ll be honest, Mindy Basara and I froze our you know whats off last year…) I have a couple of secrets….Under Armour  cold gear pants and shirt…thin and  silky but warm….I bought them four years ago for the last presidential inauguration…now that was COLD. My  other secret which really works: those little stick on heating packs that are sold in drugstores for neck and back pain. If you slap a couple on your body, it really does keep you warmer.

Snowflake pin? Check. Blingy earrinngs? Check. Uggs? Super-check.

Snowflake pin? Check. Blingy earrinngs? Check. Uggs? Super-check.

Clothes? I decided on a thick pearl gray sweater tonight instead of a coat…and I may live to regret that choice…we’ll see. My glittering snowflake pin and big blingy earrings(one does want a touch of sparkle), and a big black fur muff to keep my hands warm. And while you won’t see my feet, rest assured they’re in Uggs. Warm furry Uggs.(and nothing is new…it’s alll recycled!) Simple, chic(?), and inexpensive…love it.  Now I have to look for my ear warmers! See you tonight at the Monument or at 7 on tv….be there!!!


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