De-funking those funky smelling Uggs!!

Do your Ugg liners look like this....or much worse? Read on, my friend....

Do your Ugg liners look like this....or much worse? Read on, my friend....

OK, I thought everyone knew about what I’m about to tell you…but apparently that is incorrect. As I told you yesterday, we were en famille in Pittsburgh over the holiday weekend….and one of the places we stopped in is one of the lovely Jennifer’s favorite shoe stores….a family run business, where Jennifer’s Mom Jill has been buying shoes since forever. It’s called Littles, in Squirrel Hill… of  Steeler-town’s leafy(though not this time of year), upscale suburbs. They have a whopping selection of Uggs, in case you’re looking.

New fresh, fluffy good smelling inserts!

New fresh, fluffy good smelling inserts!

At Little’s, Jennifer was astounded by some Ugg inserts she saw …”I didn’t know you could put in new footbed liners !”, she exclaimed.  I felt really bad, because I gave here those Uggs a few years ago, and it pains me to think she has been running around in those same funky footbed liners for all this time.(And it was her idea to write about it..”You should blog this!”) Let’s face it, if you don’t wash/replace those liners every year or two, they….smell…really….bad. Stinky. Funky. Funkalacious. Phew.

I discovered the liner inserts serveral years ago, and they have saved my Uggs from the discard heap. You pull out the old liners….throw away if they’re truly beyond saving, but if you soak them in a cold water and detergent wash for a few hours or overnight and then  rinse well….I think you’ll find they fluff up some, and God knows they’ll smell better. That way, you always have a fresh pair to put in…just alternate them with the newer inserts.

Why dont ALL Uggs have replaceable liners? Huh?

Why don't ALL Uggs have replaceable liners? Huh?

You can order the inserts online, from Nordstrom’s or Ugg Australia…..but I should warn you…not all Uggs have removable liners. Why, I do not know. My chestnut original Uggs do…but the black ones you see here, do not. I don’t know what’s gonna happen with those puppies one day, but I just don’t wear them as often.  Check yours….you’ll either see your sole is detachable, or it is not.

At any rate, I bought a pair of replacement inserts for my sweet daughter(who also did not know about them-sad, so sad) and the lovely Jennifer, oh, and they do make them in men’s sizes as well. Now…you have no more excuses for smelly Uggs. None whatever. And in the end you save a bunch of money, because who wants to throw out a pair of boots that cost you well over $100, when you can just replace the liners for about $15? Not me. P.S.  And fyi, there are fake Uggs that cost you less $$….their nickname is fuggs…get it?

9 Responses

  1. Thanks for Uggs insert info; suggestions for cleaning outside of my palomino-colored Uggs?

  2. Dearest Patricia,
    I fear your biggest mistake was buying palomino colored uggs….they were destined for dirt. But on Nordie’s website and at any store that sells Uggs….they do make detergent for them, and a spray repellent, neither of which have I tried. I have handwashed my Uggs once….worked pretty well, but took a LONG time to dry……

  3. I have friends who take their Uggs to cobblers (i know that’s so 15th century, but hell, the word works).

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  4. I never knew that you could wash your Ugg inserts! That is such a great Idea, helps to keep them clean and fresh, and probably makes the Uggs last longer.

  5. I had no idea either. In fact, I just learned this weeked that Uggs can get funky. I’ve only had mine for a couple of months and I was warned on Saturday that they could start smelling rank by the end of the winter. I find Uggs incredibly un-stylish but they are like walking on little puffs of heaven. I’m glad I won’t have to give them up in the Spring.

  6. We can’t change the smell, but we can help change the look of your UGGS.
    Check out these great new accessories for your boots.

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  7. […] by another blog I wrote last fall….about the extremely serious cultural problem of…..Stinky Uggs. 1,410 people suffer from this embarassing and pesky condition and wonder what to do about them. […]

  8. You’re busting on your daughter for not knowing about the inserts?????? YOU bought her the Uggs, why didn’t YOU make sure she knew about them, or at least supply a couple. YOU fell down on the job here.

  9. No one has yet said anything about the actual “inside” of the boot. I know you can replace the sole, what about the rest of the inside of the boot???

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