Real Men Wear Blush…..

Meterologist John Collins strapped to the makeup!

Meterologist John Collins strapped to the makeup!

Ah, yes….last week was high-definition makeup class 101 here at WBAL-TV….high def cometh. And certainly around the country there has been everything from dread, to curiosity, to apprehension, to outright panic about the approach of high definition to the newsroom cameras. And makeup will change, but it seems not necessarily as much as we all thought. To put it simply and not bore you with the details, makeup will be lighter, and more blended. most of will probably switch bases to a line called Makeup Forever .  It’s like this. When I leave the studio now and want to go out, I have to take off part of my makeup….it isn’t something I would wear on the street. Now I won’t have to do that….this is a much more natural look. Makeup artist Debi Young also made it painless…and fun….she is so talented having done makeup for many movies and tv shows, and a joyful spirit to be around. That’s a good thing when people are uneasy, and they are uneasy about change.

Look at all the stuff it takes!!

Look at all the stuff it takes!!

I think the females here are totally into it…hey, we’ve been playing with makeup since we were at  our Mother’s knees…getting into the rouge pot, putting on powder with a fluffy puff, smearing on lipstick…it’s a natural thing for us. Not so much for the guys. They’re used to slapping on a little foundation, some powder and hitting the studio. So this this time of self-reflection in the mirror is a little more unnatural.

My friend Gerry Sandusky stopped by last week, and was asking Debi about blush. Surprised, I asked somewhat incredulously, I think, “You wear blush ?”

Not losing a beat, he snapped back, “Yes, Donna, don’t look so surprised…real men wear blush.” And there you  have it. So guys, when you’re looking a little pale, a little wan….thinking that perhaps mid winter, you needa little touch of the sun on the apples of your cheeks, reach for a little blush. Powder, gel, stick….just grab it and apply to said apples. Ummmm, that rosy kiss of health…of youth…of a brisk stroll outdoors. That look can be yours… real men do wear blush…. just keep it light, and for Debi’s sake, don’t forget to blend.

3 Responses

  1. Hello Ms. Hamilton,

    How do you feel about High Def? I have read several articles describing journalist’s fears of the HD camera. Just curious if you embrace the technology. I’ve read it takes a lot of rehearsing and long hours for camera angles etc… have begun practicing in the new studio.


  2. Well Gary, it doesn’t matter whether I embrace it or not…it cometh. But I’m not really worried about it…I do love high definition….and as for how much practice it will take…that remains to be be seen. I think it’s gonna be ok.

  3. Does this mean the change over will happen soon. I see on some of your live shots from the news room you have that new high tech control room.

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