Mystery squirrel inflicts untold damage to unsuspecting pumpkin….

What the hell happened here??

What the hell happened here??

A couple of large pumpkins have been sitting in front of my house since Halloween…I was a Halloween grinch and didn’t carve them…but they do last much longer when uncarved. But about a week or so ago, tiny little carvings started to appear on the pumpkin’s orange flesh. It looked for all the world like someone with one of those fancy carving kits has struck…where you carve shapes into but not through the pumpkin…a kind of pumpkin whittling, if you catch my drift.  And we never see the mystery carver, only the handiwork. And the carving has progressed.

Crude map of the world?

Crude map of the world?

I think my mystery carver…some hungry yet artistic squirrel…may be going for a squirrel’s view map of the world…I mean,  Florida and Australia are clearly visible. Or perhaps, a turkey with a tiny head in full plumage?  Maybe it is simply a work unfinished…waiting to unfold. But this is what I think is in store for my pumpkin, compliments of youtube….of course..


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the laugh! This was funny!

  2. In our neighborhood in Catonsville, our oak trees did not produce acorns this year (every couple of years this happens) so we left our pumpkins out just for the squirrels and they are loving it!

  3. So, those of us who love our squirrels (related or not) should put pumpkins out for the little fellas … I never knew they liked anything but nuts … learned something new today! thanks

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