Growing my own private stash of mushrooms…right in the open!

What the heck????

What the heck????

It’s another one of those odd things I get  in the mail…..a mushroom log. Not that it looked like much when I opened the box from Gourmet Mushrooms….as you can see it’s just a kinda scuzzy looking little loggy thing….but supposedly, if you run water over it, put it back in the bag, wait a few days, shitake mushrooms will begin to grow….that the log has been innoculated with mushroom spores, that can be grown on a kitchen counter, a desktop, anywhere inside really…and all you need is water.  How easy is that?




Now look at it...sprouting...things!!

Now look at it...sprouting...things!!

Here’s what my log looks like almost a week later…..I’m growing shitakes, baby…my own private stash! The kit instructions say I can expect to harvest maybe a pound of the fungi…in mushroom speak, the crop is called a “mushroom flush”. And for those of you who want to grow mushroomw outdoors, there’s an outdoor kit too, even one that grows the cute, (very expensive IF YOU FIND THEM IN A MARKET) morel mushroom

The indoor kits are $19.95…Great gift idea for a gourmand, or even a child who likes to watch things grow…AND you get to eat the mushrooms later! What’s not to like?


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  1. Wow! That sounds sooo cool! I want it I want it. I have a great habitat in the woods around my house for Morels, as I’ve been told by some local mushroom hunters but I havent been able to locate any, so it would be awsome to start a mushroom patch. Thanks Paul

  2. What a great idea!!! I love mushrooms and I could use it as a teaching tool for my preschooler, too. And an eating tool! 😉

  3. The super small “pins” are called primordia. The fuzzy stuff is mycellium. Mycellium “ropes” into primordia and then grows into larger mushrooms.

    Just FYI…morels are super hard to grow and can take years to get a crop. Education is key. Have fun !

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