BPA free finally hits the shelves….

BPA free water bottles!

BPA free water bottles!

Was doing a little holiday shopping this weekend….at Eddie Bauer they have these neat BPA freewater bottles. It’s the first time I have seen any that prominently display that fact….bpa, if you don’t know, is Bisphenol-Aa chemical in many many plastics, including some baby bottles. There has been a good dea of controversy over BPA, and whether it is safe in small quantities, or not…many experts say no, especially for babies and children. I was happy to see one retailer get on the bandwagon….

Solar-crank powered radio/cell phone charger/flashlight!!

Solar-crank powered radio/cell phone charger/flashlight!!

And I bought a couple of Solar Dynamo Radio Lightsfor gifts. It is a solar powered, radio/flashlight/cell phone charger, and you can also crank power it. Pretty neat really, especially in a power outage. And only 30 bucks…both L.L.Bean and E. Bauer’s had them.  Great for a car. They’re only about 5 inches long. Cute and handy…What have you found lately?

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  1. I agree – BPA free is important. The company I work for, Aladdin, recently came out with BPA free water bottles and I’m really excited about them. What I love about these water bottles, next to the fact that they are BPA free, is that they are slim enough to fit in my car cup holder as well as my bike rack. Also, they’re only $11.99. You can check out these bottles out at http://www.aladdin-pmi.com/shop/category.aspx?categoryID=15

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