The heated debate over cell phone and vaccine safety…

See the finger? Matts getting a lecture....

See the finger? Matt's getting a lecture....

Wow…did you see the barely civil debate on The Today Show between Matt Lauer and Dr. Nancy Snyderman?  It was a little reminiscent of the Lauer-Tom Cruise dustup over antidepressants.  This time, the story was about vaccines, and how even though the preservative thimerosal has been removed from vaccines (except for flu vaccine-and thimerosal free doses are available for children), the rates of autism have continued to go up. Every 20 minutes, a child is diagnosed with autism…can you believe that? Dr. Snyderman made the point that science just does not back up any theory that vaccines cause autism and that babies need their shots, for their own good.  Matt called it controversial…the good doctor says  no it’s not controversial, and them brings up how doctors who speak out for vaccines are ambushed, physically, by anti-vaccine groups, and some doctors have even received death threats.. Matt replies that yes, it is controversial with parent who believe vaccines have caused or may cause their child to become autistic, then Dr. Snyderman in her lecturing tone now, note the finger…”Not controversial Matt, it’s time for children to get their vaccine!.” Lauer-“If it weren’t controversial, you wouldn’t be ambushed“….Dr. Snyderman, “Not controversial, I really mean that, the science is the science. We’re going to start to see outbreaks of polio and measles in this country if we don’t start talking about the real problem. It’s not controversial.” Lauer, a little tight now..”We’ll talk about it more here Nancy, thanks.” Her, also tight,”You bet Matt.” He throws to break with a telling lift of the eyebrows that says…yeah, lady..whatever.

It made me think of our story on cell phones and brain cancer that airs tonight at 11 PM On WBAL TV. Here is another issue where many say the science doesn’tback up the idea that cell phones may cause brain cancer, gliomas in particular. And I really hope you’ll watch the story…sometimes there are so many promos that appear for the first story of book, that I fear it’s annoying(not exactly the desired effect)…but I truly believe this is an important story that you need to see. I feel bad you’ve had to wait for it, but that’s the biz….and here’s the thing. Present science may not prove that cell phones cause brain cancer(but new research is coming out is very disturbing)….but here’s the difference between cell phones and vaccines. Vaccines are something that really do protect children from diseases that can harm them, even kill them. And none of us want the return of the days when kids came down with measles, whooping cough, polio…God forbid. Do vaccines cause autism? I don’t know, but I am not one to say balderdash to the belief that they do. Just because the science doesn’t prove it….doesn’t mean that future research won’t find some kind of link. Same with cell phones.  Proceed with caution when dealing with radiation next to your head. And in the case of cell phones, there really are things you can do to protect yourself….I suggest you take it seriously. I have.


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  1. I did see that and thought, “Wow, I can’t believe she’s being to stern… it’s obvious that it is a controversial topic… so what was she so upset over?”

    I thought for a moment that perhaps she thought he said a different word… I’m curious if she will be back on the show. 🙂

  2. I saw it and what was she talking about. It is a controversal topic among parents of young children. She was confused by what Matt said and quite frankly RUDE!! I understand she wants to get her point across but there is a better way.

  3. I think to be fair to the vaccine study it must be determined how many children were diagnosed with autism before the widespread use of vaccines. The truth there is that we don’t have that evidence and never will. As far as cell phones and brain cancer, I am eagerly awaiting that story tonight as well as pedicure fish! And finally, the only annoying thing I can find about wbal is the ad that pushes the web page down when I go to the web site. I wish I could close it. Oh, while I’m here I may as well say that I really like the idea of the “cooking contest” party, Im always looking for an excuse to throw a party you know. But I have realized that 1. me being a chef, most guests probably won’t want to compete and 2. all the usual suspects at my swarays have come to expect great food and lots of it. I can’t blame them, could you?

  4. Hmmmm Paul, I think you’re right. I’m a pretty good cook, but I would be a little imtimidated to take a dish to the house of a professional chef. And I can be a lazy guest just as good as the next guy. And Delanae, I am also curious to see if Dr. Nancy will be back on Today. I thought she stepped over the line…there’s no denying it’s controversial. And it was kinda rude. A rude guest.

  5. I watched both segments last night and while I don’t get pedicures myself I found watching the fish nibble away at dead skin had a certain eeewww factor to it. How often do they change the water? I was surprised to see the amount of radiation that that entered the brain, especially in children. I have decided long ago that my child would not have a cell phone attached to their ear for more civil reasons not even thinking about radiation. I do recall hearing some similar concerns about bluetooth ear pieces too. Finally, Donna I’m sure you are a great cook, your a published cookbook author for Petes’sake, but yes people/ guests do feel intimidated with cooking around me. I wish they wouldn’t, it makes me feel weird. After all good food is good food and anyone can make it. Oh yeah, I know its spelled soirée.

  6. Donna, I believe there is a connection between autism & vaccines. A co-worker of mine has triplet neices. All were developmentally on target. They went in for their vaccine, and 2 were given vaccines out of 1 bottle and one was given vaccine out of a new bottle. The two who were given the last doses of the vaccine soon showed severe autism traits and thus was diagnosed and the singleton has been diagnoses with a mild (almost non-existent) case of autism. It’s just strange to me that they were fine before this vaccine and now they’re not and this isn’t the only time that I’ve heard about this happening. Drs need to wake up and smell the coffee. Vaccines are needed yes but they’re dangerous, too. Polio is one that is dangerous. My cousin contracted the disease after being given the “live” vaccine which I believe is not given anymore because of it’s dangers.

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