Reconsidering the lay-away…

Had some interesting feedback on the idea of the lay-way making a comeback, being the exact opposite of credit which we all have too much of these days….here’s one from “Pennypincher”…you and me both, brother, love the moniker!!

I made my first layaway purchase recently. I wanted to buy a good mountain bike. A local store was selling off its stock of bicycles from the past year. I was able to buy a bicycle that was selling for $1200 for $650. The advantage with buying this bike new over a used bike was that this store is small, with friendly staff and they offer lifetime service on the bicycles they sell. I talked to the guys and they told me I could buy the bicycle by putting 10% down. I would then have 6-months to pay off the balance and pick up the bike. It was a perfect solution. I could buy a good bicycle at a great price and pay it off over the winter when I would not be riding my bicycle anyway. The store charged so fees and I have to pay no interest. I will certainly be using such deals more often in the future.”

This is from Mike, who’s a romantic remembering his first set of furniture…

Having worked at Kmart in the late 70’s, I remember layaway well. It was a huge thing in the store. Kmart never had the store revolving charge card like Sears or Hechts but they had layaway instead. I remember my wife and I purchasing our living room furniture from Levinson and Klein on layaway. We bought the set about a year before the wedding and each month we would go to the store and pay $60. Then we would wander the store looking at all the furniture we couldn’t afford. I heard about this on the news the other day and it made me think about those days.”

Banana leaf wall sconce

Banana leaf wall sconce

This is from Heather…..who has a tres’ cool website, which I’ve already been to….good work Heather! And I’m digging the banana leaf wall sconce from there. Would look cute in a bathroom….

I have enjoyed your blog for months and have gotten some great tips and recommendations from reading it- thank you. I’m a small e-retailer and I’m not too sure about this e-layaway. It’s very expensive for the retailer to participate- up to $50-75/month. Those monthly fees will kill you. If you have a moment, have a look at our site at, an eco-friendly lifestyle website. No layaway, yet, but we think it’s worthwhile just the same.”

And isn’t it it interesting that Walmart, discontinued their layaway from all I’ve read back in 2006…to the dismay of many customers who felt they were being left to get a credit card, or shop somewhere else. Perhaps they will bring it back, as K-mart has.


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  1. Thanks for the great feedback on the site. I love those sconces, too. We try to gather items that we would use in our own home.

    And if anyone is interested…as a thank you, 20% off for you and your readers on a first order. Just type in coupon code WBALTV when prompted.

    Thanks again,


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