A New Kid in Town, and no I’m not getting married

Went to the Performance Workshop Theatre in Federal Hill Sunday afternoon for the last performance of  A Time to Speak, based on the Holocaust memoirs of Helen Lewis, a one woman show starring Joan McCready, a long time friend and neighbor of mine. She was fabulous, as always….I only regret that there are no more performances for any of you to see. PWT is as intimate a theatre setting as you will ever see….only room for about 25 or so people.

Theres a new chef in town...

There's a new chef in town...

We wandered for a while in Federal Hill on South Charles…and stopped in at Junior’s Wine Bar….hadn’t been in since it was an Italian place that closed a long time ago….I had forgotten what a great space it is. In the center of the restaurant, a step up from the front section is a HUGE round table that seats at least 10 and maybe 12-14. As I was staring at it(the place had just opened for the day and no other customers were there yet), a man comes over, sticks out his hand and says, “Hi, I’m the new chef here, Anthony Marini….can I help you with something ?” He then explained how they hope to do chef’s table dinners at that very big table….arranged in advance, of course, for groups or parties….and small world…he’s from Birmingham Alabama…my hometown, and had a couple of restaurants there! We chatted for just a moment…he’s only been in town for a week….but his new menu looked very interesting . I looked him up on line and found a review from a restaurant of his in Birmingham that talked about the 10 course dinners….sounds fabulous and daunting.

Oh, a couple of days ago, a very nice woman came up to me in the supermarket, and said, “Donna congratulations on getting married !”…..and when I told her that it is my son getting married, not me (already there), she seemed a little disappointed, but pleasant about the whole thing. And yes, wedding plans are now coming fast and furious…I’m just keeping my head down.








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