Muhammed Ali alert!!

Get a front row seat...

Get a front row seat...

The “Greatest of all Time” has a huge, loyal fan base….and besides being, well, the greatest of all time, Muhammed Ali has also led a fascinating life, and people love him.  I found that out bigtime today, when a copy of the just released

 ESPN’s “Ringside Ali” DVD was sent to me….and because I really don’t care much about boxing, I subsequently gave it to the guy who heads up our edit department. You would have thought I gave him a bar of gold, or, like my reaction would have been to a pair of Jimmy Choo Shoes had someone handed me a pair….ecstasy, ok? “Oh, thank, you , thank you, thank you, I am his biggest fan ever!”, or something like that, and I got a bear hug. A big one.

Sooooo, given the positive reaction, I thought this would probably make a good gift idea for Ali fans, and sports fans in general. And it does look pretty cool really….fifteen of Ali’s greatest fights, and a 3 and a half hour ABC Classic Wide World of Sports documentary on Ali….it’s a four disc set that sells for about 35 bucks. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a bear hug too….


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