Weekend Wrapup….Sweet Treats, Phelps, and Billy Bush

The sign should say...Goodies Inside!

The sign should say..."Goodies Inside!"

It was one of those busy, busy weekends, the kind that is fun but when it’s over, you think, I need a day off! My daughter was in for college, her first visit home in a while….as I told you it was mostly for a hair appointment, but she spread some love on her parents too….for which they were grateful.

Saturday morning I trudged over to Sugarbakers in Catonsville, on Frederick Road. I had no idea they existed, until several months ago I had dinner at a restaurant who sells slices of  the multi-fudge layered Smith Island Cakefrom Sugarbakers….and that cake is off the hook. Fabulous. I’ve bought several desserts from there since….and while they’re not inexpensive, they are not terribly pricey….

Tarts, anyone? Anyone?

Tarts, anyone? Anyone?

My Mamma would have said, “What if you have an accident dressed like that? “…but I took the risk and drove to Sugarbakers in flannel jammy pants, Ugg boots, and a sweatshirt…yep, I made quite a picture, but the ladies behind the counter were nonplussed by my appearance and I hope to heaven they didn’t recognize me…and armed with a box of fresh baked cinnamon rolls and sticky buns dripping with caramel under my arm, my daughter woke up happy (hours later, of course).

Saturday night I hated to leave her, and begged her to come with me to Ft. McHenry for the Michael Phelps Star-Spangled Salute  which we broadcast Saturday night….but she is way too savvy for that. It’s funny….when you’re working something..not there as a spectator, but as a participant…and if your family comes along, you really don’t get a chance to see them much and your mind is on other matters. So, no takers to my invitation to tag along….

Say cheese Billy!

Say cheese Billy!

But if you weren’t there, the crowd went absolutely crazy during the recap of  Phelps eight gold medal wins….it was as thought it were happening for the first time right before them. Gorgeous weather, beautiful sunset, fireworks, Michael Phelps and Billy Bush from Access Hollywood. What’s not to like? And Billy Bush, who is a sweetheart  by the way…nice and very funny…had a great idea for Ft. McHenry. As we were waiting to go on, he said to me, ” Donna, they should take one of the rooms at the fort, make it into a beautiful bedroom suite overlooking the harbor, and rent it out to high rollers for five g’s a night…hey, people would pay it! And all the proceeds would go to maintain the fort!” And he’s right…and here’s my idea…have the Wine Market restaurant down the street cater a dinner served on the ramparts overlooking the water for the renters…so romantic. Anyone at Fort McHenry listening?? We got ideas here!!

2 Responses

  1. The Phelps celebration was amazing! The city did a great job.

  2. I love Sugarbakers! They did my wedding cake almost 10 years ago and a SPECTACULAR 50th birthday cake for my husband’s surprise party. The pictures do not do justice to it. It is our go to place for a special cake (even though it means driving from Edgemere) and, if you get a chance, try the carrot cake. YUMMY! It always amazes me when people haven’t heard of them but I know I have converted at least 3 other people and reaped the benefits (great cake at their celebrations)!

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