I didn’t jinx it…not this time…

Here’s the odd thing about my daughter at college coming home. There have been several occasions this fall, when she said she was coming home for the weekend. All excited, I dash to the grocery store to get her favorites, tidy up her room and put on fresh sheets. Even as I am doing these things…..I KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

Because I have gone to all this trouble, beat myself up really, run around like a mad woman..she will not be coming. Something has come up….”Oh, I didn’t realize there was a party we (the sorority)had to attend.” Please… spare me. There are now parties that must be attended?  Seriously, I have come to believe,  in the most superstitious way (and I’m not a superstitious person), that if I start doing things to prepare a great visit, a perfect visit home for her….she will not come. And yes, I do know how lame doing all those things is.

So when she announced a week or so ago, she would be home this weekend, I was pretty cool about the whole thing. “Oh, are you? That’s great.”  But as the days moved on…and she still said it was on, I must admit I felt the pull of  DOING THINGS….like a tractor beam inexorably dragging me toward vaccuming, dusting, shopping….NO!

So, it wasn’t until this morning, after she had alreaady arrived at the domicile, that I felt safe enough to get some ribs for dinner, which she loves. And I’ll be perfectly honest with you…I knew she would be home this time. No, it wasn’t love of parents or sleeping in her own bed, not even the cat Baby Girl could assure a visit. It was, as it always is, about the hair. I found out she needed highlights and had an appointment in Baltimore this afternoon. So without doubt, she would make it, even if there were mandatory parties this weekend, even if she had to claw her way home. No matter, no matter…. I cannot wait to see her tonight!!

Have a great weekend…be nice, don’t throw rocks and come home safe..’cause we miss you.

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