Fresh Blueberries are like the Economy….

Fresh Blueberries..bye-bye

Blueberries and the Economy

It’s all coming to an end…my inexpensive supply of fresh blueberries in the grocery store. And easy credit. And sky high home values. And the good times, good times, good times. Sad, isn’t it?  Oh sure, you can still get the blueberries…if you don’t mind paying 3, 4 5 bucks (or more), for what is basically a two day supply. See, I put antioxident rich blueberries on my cereal every day, along with some plain yogurt and cinnamon and walnuts(also not cheap these days-yikes-oh and I see a new report that says walnuts slow cancer tumor growth-more tomorrow on 11 News at Five)…but blueberries are key to the success of my breakfast. And the lovely, luxurious days of two pints for $4 or $5, are just gone with the summer heat.

Unfortunately we didn’t realize that same thing, kinda, was going on with the economy….that the winter would be coming….we all happily danced along thinking the cheap fresh delicious blueberries would always be on store shelves, won’t they? And now we’re shocked, shocked at what has happened. People losing their houses, stock market in a state, bailouts that our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be paying for…but it has to be done, I get that.

Now it’s to pay up or go frozen. And I will probably use frozen blueberries, but I have to remember to get them out of the freezer in the morning, in time to thaw…which I rarely do and so you either eat icy blue globules, or nuc them. Just a darn inconvenience really. But maybe that’s what makes them so fabulous in the summer….the fact that you know you probably won’t have them this winter. We didn’t really appreciate just how  great everything was, did we?  Perhaps we will find a gratefulness for what we do have….though perhaps it is less than yesterday. And know that summer will return, maybe not exactly the same…maybe the bluberries won’t be quite as big or sweet next summer, but they will come around. I will buy them, and eat them, and be happy for them, however they come. And come they will.


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  1. My husband gets the large tubs of plain yogurt (vanilla yogurt has DOUBLE the calories) and mixes dried blueberries with it…that way, when he wants to have his Special K with yogurt, the blueberries are ready to roll.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your blueberry woes. In the last 6 months, I have become nuts over fresh blueberries. I started eating them with granola cereal topped with walnuts and honey (all submerged in half-n-half). But, this wasn’t good enough. I then started topping vanilla ice cream with them. Three scoops of vanilla ice cream in a bowl covered first with roasted pecans (lightly buttered and salted-roasting them gives them a great caramely flavor and crunch), then drizzled with butterscotch syrup (not too much-some cheap brand is OK), then buried in real whipped cream (the richest, creamiest canned version I can find – the caloric content on the label will tell you which is the richest) and finally topped with about a 1/2 pint of fresh blueberries. The combination is pure heaven. I obsess about my blueberry sundaes and fret over the rising cost of blueberries and their availability during off season. I’m sure you’re wondering, but no, I’m not overweight (yet!). Some days, this is all I eat. I have a supply of blueberries and sundae fixins for tonight – yippee. The Sunflower Market seems to be my best choice for blueberries lately (quality vs. price). I’m paying $3.49 for a 6 oz container. Of course, I need to open, touch and pick through and sample from at least 20 containers before I find a few that meet my standards for firmness and sweetness. For this steep price, I’m not going home with a bunch of mushy or sour berries. Well, I may have gone too far in letting you all into my weird little world of blueberries. Hang in there fellow blueberry nuts. We have a long winter ahead.

    Andrea Cope, Denver Colorado

  3. I’m surprised that your blueberries last you a whole two days 🙂

    A 2-day supply for me would be gone in about oh… 5 minutes!

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